Guidance for Participants


Registration Desk

The on-site registration desk will be located in the Exhibition Hall A.

On-site Registration Hours:
Thursday, June 15th 10:30 - 17:00
Friday, June 16th 7:15 - 17:00
Saturday, June 17th 7:15 - 17:00
Sunday, June 18th 7:00 - 16:00

Registration Fee / Badge Identification

On-site Registration Fee and Payment:
Category Fee Payment
General JPY 12,000 JPY cash only
Student Free  
  • On-site registration fee will be payable by cash (Japanese yen only).
  • Students / junior residents are required to show their student ID card/certification.
  • After paying the registration fee, you will receive a name badge. Please write down your name and institution.
  • Registered participants are required to wear their name badge. Persons not wearing a name badge will not be permitted entry into the meeting.
  • Your name badge will not be reissued. Please be careful not to lose it.

Program Book

You can take one copy of the program book in the registration area. Quantities are limited.

Congress Bag

You can take a congress bag in the registration area in exchange for the ticket found attached to your name badge.


Cloak will be located in the Exhibition Hall A.

Cloak Opening Hours:
Friday, June 16th 7:15 - 18:00
Saturday, June 17th 7:15 - 18:00
Sunday, June 18th 7:00 - 17:30

Luncheon / Sweets Seminar Ticket

  • Lunch / sweets will be distributed by sponsors to those seminar attendees with tickets.
  • Luncheon / Sweets Seminar Ticket distribution area will be located in the Exhibition Hall A.
  • Quantities are limited.
  • Please bring your name badge with you to receive a ticket.
  • If any of the seminar rooms have vacant seats after the desk closes, tickets will be provided in front of that room.
  • Tickets will become void once the seminar starts so be sure to arrive on time.
  • No ticket is required for attending Morning / Evening Seminars
Luncheon / Sweets Seminar Ticket Distribution Hours:
Friday, June 16th 7:15 - 11:30 Luncheon Seminar1-20
Sweets Seminar 1-5
Saturday, June 17th 7:15 - 11:30 Luncheon Seminar21-39
Sweets Seminar 6-9
Sunday, June 18th 7:00 - 11:30 Luncheon Seminar40-58


Exhibition will be located in the Exhibition Hall B & C.

Exhibition Opening Hours:
Friday, June 16th 8:20 - 17:30
Saturday, June 17th 8:20 - 17:30
Sunday, June 18th 8:20 - 15:30

Rest Area / Wi-Fi Service

Rest area: Exhibition Hall B & C
Wi-Fi area: Conference Center, National Convention Hall, Exhibition Hall B & C.

Emergency Response

In the case of an emergency, please follow the instructions given by event staff.

Other Instructions

  • Unauthorized photography and video recording of sessions are prohibited.
  • Please do not leave personal belongings on seats in session rooms.
  • Please use silent mode or turn off your portable electronic devices in session rooms.