apcm-ispd2019 第9回国際腹膜透析学会 アジア太平洋大会 会期:2019年9月5日(木)~7日(土)
						会長:伊藤 恭彦(愛知医科大学 腎臓・リウマチ膠原病内科 教授))



ISPD president lecture

4 invited lectures

Congress President Lecture


Symposium 1

Renal replacement therapy and complications in the world.

Symposium 2

Recent Advances: Remote-monitoring and Disaster.

Symposium 3

Recent Advances: Patient care and education in PD.

Symposium 4

Recent Advances: Progress on basic Science in PD.

Symposium 5

Recent Advances: PDOPPS in the world.

Symposium 6

Recent Advances: Prevention of cardiovascular complications.

Symposium 7

Recent Advances: Pediatric PD.

Symposium 8

Recent Advances: Guideline and Personalized medicine.

Symposium 9

Recent Advances: How to support the elderly dialysis patients.

Symposium 10

Recent Advances: How to manage the metabolic factors in PD.

Symposium 11

Recent Advances: How to manage the complications in PD.

Symposium 12

Recent Advances: Improving early PD outcomes.

Educational conference

1. Case discussion

Management of PD related infection (peritonitis and exit site infection)

2. Case discussion

UF failure and membrane failure

Congress Educational Session

1. Peritoneal membrane damages and prevention

  • Pathology of the peritoneal membrane
  • Basic PD pathophysiology

2. Management of PD

  • Management of Dialysis Initiation
  • Management of Diabetic PD patients

3. PD catheter and Exit Site Infection management

  • Catheter insertion and trouble shooting
  • PD related Management

4. Infection in PD

  • Infection in the patients with renal failure
  • PD related peritonitis

5. PD Prescription and complications

  • When and which PD solution to use in PD
  • Foot care of the dialysis patients

Luncheon Seminars

Evening Seminar

Sweets Seminars

Free Communications

Poster Presenations

日本語教育セッション (9月7日)

  • 腎不全保存期の管理
  • 療法選択におけるshared decision making
  • 導入期管理と透析処方
  • 適正透析と腹膜機能
  • PDカテーテル挿入術と合併症対策
  • PD関連感染症
  • PD・HD併用療法の適応と実際
  • PD患者の食事療法の実際
  • PDの看護の実際と問題点
  • 高齢者PDの看護はどうすればよいか?
  • 高齢者の在宅地域連携をどうすればよいか?
  • 高齢者PDのフレイル対策はどうすればよいか?