The 9th Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting of International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (APCM-ISPD 2019)

Date: September 5(Thu.) - 7(Sat.), 2019  Venue: Nagoya Congress Center (Nagoya, Japan)  Congress President: Yasuhiko Ito (Aichi Medical University)

President of JSDT

Welcome to ISPD-APCM 2019 in Nagoya

Welcome to Japan for ISPC - APCM in Nagoya. In Japan, 3rd ISPD-APCM meeting was held for the first time before 12 years by Prof. Kawaguchi in Hiroshima in November 2007. As the Chairman of the Japanese Society of Dialysis Medicine, I would like to say welcome to Japan to attend the ISPD – ACPN 2019 in Nagoya.” Japan is a safe, peaceful and wonderful country. I am really pleased that Prof. Ito is hosting ISPD-APCM 2019 in Nagoya, Japan. Please join ISPD - APCM and study the knowledge of the latest PD. I hope that you will be satisfied and have a good time. I also hope that you will enjoy the wonderful nature of Japan and the goodness of Japan fully in bigger cities.

I would like to use this opportunity to explain the situation of dialysis therapy in Japan. Present conditions of dialysis patients in Japan, and future prospects are shown from recent reports. Japan is the country with the world 's most rapidly aging population. Along with this, dialysis patients in Japan are also aging rapidly. Even under such condition, it is well known in the past reports that the prognosis of dialysis patients in Japan is extremely good. Especially in recent years, ADL of dialysis patients in Japan was found to be very good. These situations are according as follows; 1) the insurance system characterized by insurance in Japan, 2) the fact that our dialysis patients are systematically introduced, 3) the formation of a good AV shunt, 4) the good education system, 5) Good patient management by doctors, nurses, clinical engineering technicians, etc and 6) Excellent of sanitary environment in Japan.

On the other hand, as a situation of dialysis, there are quite a lot of HD patients in facilities, and it is said that there are very few PD patients and transplant patients. PD has high degree of freedom as home dialysis and dialysis therapy with high patient satisfaction. The government highly appreciates the active efforts for PD and transplantation, and also added a new addition in medical service fee revision in 2018. This trend shows that PD therapy is consistent with the idea of "Regional inclusive care system" that the government recommends in a super aging society. Considering the coming of a super aging society in the future in Japan, PD can be said to be a dialysis therapy that should be positively considered in elderly people.

I think that the current situation of such dialysis therapy in Japan is the future situation experienced by the patients of the end stage renal failure in the world. Regarding the future of dialysis therapy, I hope that we can discuss it fully. We look forward to your participation for ISPD-APCM 2019 so that it will be a wonderful academic meeting.

Hidetomo Nakamoto MD, PhD

President of Japanese Society of Dialysis Therapy

Hidetomo Nakamoto MD, PhD

(Professor of General Internal Medicine, Saitama Medical University, Saitama, Japan)