Anatomy Theater Pathology-Specimen Display

Essential cardiac anatomy related to cardiac device and ablation therapy for electrophysiologists

Osamu Igawa
Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Nippon Medical School
Tama Nagayama Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

The aim of this seminar is to observe the cardiac anatomy precisely by using real human hearts and to understand the characteristics of their structures related to ablation and device therapy. The human hearts are prepared to be touched directly from the epicardial side and endocardial side.
I expect that the visitors will make full use of this valuable opportunity and get useful anatomical information from these materials.

In the lecture part of this education seminar, I will show you how to observe the heart and to recognize cardiac structures by using the normal heart. After that, I will introduce the several important parts of the heart, such as (1) the aortic root, (2) AV junction and atrioventricular septum, (3) RA and RV structure, (4) LA, PV and sinus node artery, (5) papillary muscles in ventricles, and (6) interventricular septum and interatrial septum including oval fossa.

Furthermore, in the exhibition part of the seminar, big photographs of cross sections of human body are demonstrated in the seminar room to be observed by visitors. I hope you have profound understanding of cardiac structure in these pictures of cutting planes.

Sponsored by: Medtronic Japan Co., Ltd.

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