The 1st Meeting of the Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology

Guide for Presenters

For Chairs and Moderators

  1. Please make sure to report to your session room/poster registration desk 20 minutes prior to your session start.
  2. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring smooth running of the program.

For Presenters

1. Abstract result, presentation type and date

Please refer to the List of Accepted Abstracts on the Abstracts Results page.

2. Oral Presentation

<PC Preview Room>

Room H, Kyoto International Conference Center

Open Hours:  Friday, November 25,
Saturday, November 26, 
Sunday, November 27,
8:00 - 18:00
7:30 - 17:30
7:30 - 15:00

*Please register and bring your presentation material to the PC Preview Room for your final slide check with the AV technician at least an hour before the session start. Please preview your slides to make sure they appear correctly.

*for those who have presentation scheduled in the mornings, please bring your presentation material the day before if possible.

<Presentation Time>

Please be seated at the next speakers’ seat 10 minutes prior to the presenting session.

Educational Lecture Presentation 40 min / Q&A 5 min total 45 min
Scientific Session Presentation 6 min / Q&A 3 min  total 9 min

<Presentation Material>

[To those who will be bringing the presentation material]

1) All session rooms are equipped with PC installed with Windows 7. MS PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 are the equipped application software

2) If you are using the Macintosh (Mac), please bring your own laptop (OS10 or later).

3) Bring your final presentation material on a CD-R or USB flash memory stick. Do not include any other files. Please be noted that no modification or changes are allowed at the PC Preview Room.

4) Name your presentation material file “Abstract Number_Name”
ex. FSS1-2_Taro_Yamada

5) Monitor, keyboard and mouse will be ready on podium. Please operate your slide on your own. (Please refrain from using your own PC on the podium.)

6) All presentation must be made and held in English.

7) Special characters will be substituted to alternative characters and may cause compatibility problems. If you have special characters,  it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. Slide animations or transitions may not be used as their smooth running is not guaranteed. Please check with the AV technician well in advance.

8) If you have video clips, please save the file into the same folder as the PowerPoint file. WMV (640 x 480) is the recommended video format.

9) The laptop output resolution should be no more than XGA (1024 x 768). Presentation can only be made with single screen.

10) To prevent virus infections acquired through media, confirm that you are using the latest antivirus software. PC at the venue will be equipped with the latest antivirus software, however, the Secretariat will not be responsible for any accidents or damage incurred by the virus infection. Please bring the backups for safety.

11) Kindly note that all presentation files will be deleted by the Secretariat after the meeting in a responsible manner.

[To those who will be bringing the PC]

1) Should you need to bring your own laptop, please ensure that it is compatible with the D-sub 15pin.

2) Turn off all screen savers and energy saving modes.

3) Make sure to bring your PC adaptor as well as backup data on CD-R or USB flash memory stick.

4) After stopping by at the PC Preview Room, please report to your session room at least 20 minutes prior to your session start to drop off your PC to the AV operator. Please don’t forget to pick up your PC after your presentation.

3. Poster Presentation

You have 4 minutes presentation time and 3 minutes Q&A, total of 7 minutes. For discussion, please follow the instruction from the session chair.

1) Secretariat will prepare your abstract number.

2) Poster mounting and dismantling schedule:
Poster Mounting: November 25, 9:00 - 12:00
Poster Dismantle: November 27, 13:00 - 15:00

3) Posters not dismantled by the time will be discarded by the Secretariat.

<Poster panel>

There will be two types of poster panels, but the dimensions are nearly equal. Please prepare the poster to fit in the space. We will inform you which of the panels you are assigned at the venue.

Prepare the headline strip including title, authors and affiliation (H13.5cm x W100cm).

Please use velcro tape and push pins for mounting your poster. This will be provided by the Secretariat. No adhesive tapes are allowed on the panel.

Poster Panel 1

Mounting space
Upper panel:H90cm x W116cm
Lower panel: H90cm x W116cm

Poster Panel 2

Mounting space
H196.5cm x W116cm

The 1st Meeting of the Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology