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Fukuoka Information  

City Tours  
Prefecture Office Area
We will take a look at the statues of two figures associated with the “original” KAMIKAZE (divine wind) against the Mongolian invasion in the 13th century, visit SOFUKU temple, and enjoy the panorama view of Fukuoka city from the 11th floor of Prefecture Office which also hosts a display of some of the well-known products of Fukuoka prefecture. The Prefecture Office’s cafeteria is available for lunch.
Subway station CHIYO KENCHO GUCHI (KAIDUKA-line)
Experience a 100-year-old soy-sauce factory. DAIMYO was the area for the SAMURAI and the JOKYU SHOYU factory is a testimony from that period. We will also visit Fukuoka’s first elementary school, the DAIMYO elementary school, and KEGO-JINJA (shrine) where you can dip your feet into a foot-bath of divine water. Many restaurants are in this area for lunch.
Fukuoka Tourist Information Center
Starting from Hakata Station, we will make our way to SUMIYOSHI-JINJA (shrine) where you will “meet” gods for each wish such as happiness, health, love, etc. Across the river we will stroll around through the YANAGIBASHI-ICHIBA fresh market. Lunch would be available at the many restaurants within the market or at the Canal City Mall nearby.
Hakata Station General Information Center
People in Fukuoka love to jog in the OHORI park around the pond which originally was a part of the moat of Fukuoka castle, also known as MAIDURU-JO (castle of dancing crane). We will look at the history of the site, which was once served as the official guest house for visiting Korean and Chinese delegations in the late 9th century. A Starbucks is also located in this park. Restaurants are available near the subway stations of OHORI and AKASAKA for lunch.
Subway station AKASAKA (KUKO-Line)
GION area is the merchant area and home of the YAMAKASA festival. We will see JOTEN-JI (temple), a Zen temple that introduced UDON noodle for the first time in Japan. Passing through the thousand-years-gate and the birth place of YAMAKASA festival, we will visit KUSHIDA-JINJA (shrine) and learn about YAMAKASA. Restaurants including UDON shops are available nearby for lunch.
Subway station GION (KUKO line)

Factory Tours  
Factory tour 1
During the tour at Toyota Motor Kyushu Miyata Plant, you will observe the high-tech car production flow. In addition, at the Public Relations Pavilion, displays will inform you about the car development process and pieces of the cars are available to be touched, so you can compare and understand the innovation of the manufacturing process. In the visit at the Asahi Breweries Factory, you will walk you through the entire brewing process. The tour also features video presentations about Asahi Breweries, the beer ingredients and the production process. After the tour, you will be able to try the freshly brewed beer.
※There is a lunch break during the tour. Lunch boxes are available on site and charged at 1,000 yen.
Factory tour 2
You will see the manufacturing process of the "additive-free soap" produced for the first time in the industry at Bubble Soaps factory. After the tour, you will be able to buy the original products available exclusively for Bubble Soaps factory visitors. In Yaskawa “Robot Village”, you will visit the Yaskawa Innovation Center and the Yaskawa History Museum which convey the fun and wonders of manufacturing as well as the robotics technology.
※There is no lunch break during the tour.
Factory tour 3(Muslim friendly)
At Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation “Yawata Works” in Tobata city you will be able to observe the dynamic and precise process of the steel production line. At the Toto Museum, displays and images will show you the cultural and lifestyle changes promoted by progressions and evolutions of sanitary wares, water faucets and plumbing system.
※There is no lunch break during the tour.

Itoshima Tour (Accompanying Persons)  
Located at the western edge of Fukuoka, Itoshima is surrounded by mountains and spectacular coastline. On the way from Kyushu University Ito campus it is possible to drop in Futamigaura beach, a scenic spot where you can feel the magnificence of nature. You can also enjoy gastronomic abundance of high quality with locally grown ingredients at a nearby restaurant. By walking through Raizansennyo-ji, a temple built on the mountain, you can witness interaction of nature and culture. You would agree it is one of the coolest spots once you visit there.

Optional Tours  

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