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Message from Chairman, National Organizing Comittee

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The 30th World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science

27 October, 2011
Massage from Chairman,
National Organizing Committee

IUMS 2011 was a huge success. On behalf of the National Organizing committee for the IUMS 2011 Congress, please accept my heartfelt thanks to all the participants, guests, speakers, conveners and staff of this year’s congress. This event would not have been possible without the support of 4800 scientists and guests from 65 countries around the globe. The overwhelming response resulted in twice as many participants compared to the previous IUMS congress. His Imperial Majesty, The Emperor of Japan graced the commemorative ceremony that was attended by more than 600 people and at least 150 were invited to the reception with the Emperor that followed the ceremony. Further, the four outreach programs unfolded the world of microbiology to the younger generation in Sapporo, Japan.

The continuance of IUMS 2011 despite some fears regarding safety issues and concerns in Japan after the great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster demonstrated that with determination and strong conviction, the passion for the science of microbiology still prevailed. We would like to thank the participants for their trust in the organizing committee in their decision to proceed with the meeting after assessing the safety of the city of Sapporo and Japan as a whole. The great success of this event will certainly give encouragement and hope for the Japanese people to recover from the catastrophic events that occurred on March 11, 2011.

Again, our sincerest thanks and deep appreciation to all those who attended this year’s IUMS.

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20 April, 2011
Massage from Chairman,
National Organizing Committee

The situation at the site of the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has improved step by step and on April 14, the first search and survey of the site within 10 Km were performed. Of course, we have not had any bad effects in Hokkaido, as shown in my message (Message-2) and also in our new HP site, Sapporo Safety Issue.
Besides safety issues in Sapporo, I would like to call for greater participation in the Congresses, especially from G20 countries. I would urge you to increase the numbers to triple the current ones. I firmly believe that the IUMS 2011Congresses are extremely important in order to exchange views and information in the broad area of Microbial Science since we tend to restrict ourselves within specific areas. Thus, the National Organizing Committee for the IUMS 2011 Congresses plans to have as many bridging sessions as possible. Furthermore, since support from and understanding by the general public is very important, we have planned many programs as Outreach Activities, namely the Public Forum, Public Exhibits, and so on.
We have extended the deadline for abstracts to April 30 noon Japan time, largely because of the disaster, but also to increase the number of participants. We are also planning to extend the deadline of the early registration. Please submit your abstracts and do come to Sapporo.
IUMS 2011 will be a magnificent opportunity not only to share ideas and experiences but also to establish and improve friendships among colleagues from all over the world. Please make sure to come to the exciting Sapporo Congresses!

Fusao Tomita
National Organizing Committee for IUMS 2011 Congress in Sapporo

13 April, 2011
Message from Chairman,
National Organizing Committee

The mega-earthquake that hit the northeastern part of Japan did not cause any damage to Sapporo. Please come to Sapporo for the IUMS 2011 Congresses.

The disaster of the Fukushima nuclear power plants were assigned to be level 7 (the highest of this kind). It is really bad, but they are working hard to stop the release of radioactive materials and the site, under this condition, is still very functional and effective in stopping the release. Many peoples including experts from abroad are working with us and we appreciate their works very much.

It might be not suitable to say at this moment, Hokkaido is far from Fukushima (650 km away in the straight distance) and we are safe as ever despite of re-evaluation of the hazard level. Radioactivity and radioactive materials (radioactive iodine and cesium) were not detected in drinking water and those in air were at the same level before the disaster in Fukushima (please see [ http://mextrad.blob.core.windows.net/page/01_Hokkaido_en.html ], that is MEXT, the Ministry of Education in English). Furthermore, Hokkaido is an agricultural area with about 190% self-sufficiency of food. We are supplying foods to other areas including overseas. We continue to do so. Thus, people who will come to Hokkaido will not have any uneasiness for shortage of safe foods, water and environment. Since there are no change in radioactivity and radioactive materials in air in Hokkaido, the Hokkaido Government decided to initiate independent monitoring of environment (air, drinking water, sea water, and soil) from this week and these data will be open to the public as they come out.

In order to follow these data, NOC set up the special Home Page entitled "Safety Issue in Sapporo" uploaded by "Risk Announcement Team" headed by the secretary general of NOC, Dr. Seigo Amachi and those data are release on regular basis. On the other hand, NOC is working hard to assure that the Congresses will be held as planned in the latest meeting on April 8, 2011.

I appreciate your kind support and correct understanding of the situation in Sapporo as a venue for holding the Congresses, although some uneasiness have been expressed by some members.

I would like to ask all of you to increase or at lease triple the current number of registrations. Holding of the Congresses certainly will encourage us to recover from such a huge disaster. We know that this disaster will be such a great socio-economic damages to Japan, but we believe that holding the Congresses will be one of the great encouragement and assistance to us.

Please do come to Sapporo !

Fusao Tomita
National Organizing Committee for IUMS 2011 Congress in Sapporo

25 March, 2011
Dear Colleagues in IUMS,

I would like to express my sincere condolences to the people injured and displaced by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Northeastern Japan. We deeply regret the passing of those who died in this disaster and pray for the speedy recovery of the stricken areas.

Please be informed that the IUMS 2011 will be held without any changes in schedule, since the conference venue in Sapporo was not affected by the earthquakes. I believe that your active participation would encourage not only the Japanese scientific community but also all of the other sectors that are working hard to reconstruct Japan.

The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to March 31 2011. If you have any problems in meeting this deadline due to disruptions caused by this disaster, please contact the secretariat.


Fusao Tomita
Chairman, National Organizing Committee
National Organizing Committee for IUMS 2011 Congress in Sapporo

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