The 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of
the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery
Congress President@Hiromasa Fujita
Department of Surgery, Kurume University School of Medicine

@It is a great honor for all the members of the Department of Surgery, Kurume University School of Medicine, as well as for me, to host the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery (JATS) 2012 in Fukuoka. The JATS Meeting will be held in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan from Wednesday the 17th October to Saturday the 20th October 2012. The JATS was established in 1948 and now has around 8,000 members. It is one of the oldest and largest associations for thoracic surgeons. In this meeting every year around 3,000 Japanese cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons attend.
@The main theme of this year's meeting is “The specialist must know everything of something, something of everything.” In my memory, this maxim was presented by the dean at my commencement. During my own training period to become a specialist, I barely recalled this maxim. However, it has become deeply embedded in my mind and attitudes over time. The JATS is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive scientific society. In the field of thoracic surgery, now in Japan, there are three main specialized scientific societies ;- the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery (JSCS) for cardiovascular surgeons, the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery (JACS) for chest surgeons, and the Japan Esophageal Society (JES) for esophageal surgeons. The purpose of the presence of the JATS in addition to such specialized scientific societies is to promote interdisciplinary and comprehensive works in the field of thoracic surgery. Consequently, in the scientific meeting of the JATS, all our members having different specialties in thoracic surgery have to combine their wits to improve medical technology and health care, and have to cooperate in educating successors to best prepare for the future of thoracic surgery in Japan.
@Based on such a concept, we have arranged special plans to hear about space medicine, to learn the history of thoracic surgery in Japan, to discuss the future of Japanese specialist boards of thoracic surgeons, and to discuss the diagnosis and treatment for diseases over multiple fields of thoracic specialties. The call for abstracts will start in next March. We are looking forward to welcoming many participants to the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of the JATS Fukuoka 2012.