The 71st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association − Towards a new era and liaison of cancer research and life science −


Deadline for submitting abstracts

Deadline for Non- Invited speakers of
International Sessions or Symposia
12:00 PM, Thursday, April 5, 2012
Deadline for non-invited speakers of International Sessions and Symposia has been extended to Thursday, April 12, 2012 (Japan Time).

Abstract Submission has been closed
Deadline for Non- Invited speakers of
Presentations (Oral, Poster)
12:00 PM, Friday, April 20, 2012
Deadline for non-invited speakers of Presentations (Oral, Poster) has been extended to Friday, April 27, 2012 (Japan Time).

Deadline of Call for Abstracts for non-invited speakers of Oral and Poster Sessions has been extended to Monday,May 07,2012 (Japan Time).

Abstract Submission for Presentations (Oral, Poster) International Sessions, Symposia

Abstract Submission / View / Edit Non-Invited Speakers

Abstract Submission for (Core Symposia, Symposia, International Sessions, JCA-AACR joint Symposium, Other)’

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Please do not use any browsers that have not been listed above.
Your e-mail address will be required for online abstract submissions.

Please be sure to have your own e-mail address or provide an e-mail address by which you can be contacted.

Confirmation message and Notice of Acceptance/Rejection will be sent to you by e-mail.

The Secretariat will send e-mail to the address registered above.

If it is not the lead speakers’ address, please make sure to transfer the information to the lead speaker.

Please read the following instructions before submitting your abstract

Any submitted abstracts will not be edited or proof-read before printing. The first/presenting author is responsible for his/her abstract.

After the deadline for abstract submission, any change related to abstracts cannot be made. Please make sure all the information (incl. co-speaker’s name) is registered before the deadline.

When you enter the items for your online abstract submission, we recommend you copy and paste the text directly from your word processing program to the online abstract box rather than typing the text directly so that you can proofread all entries and make final changes before you submit.

Notes for Abstract Submission

  1. Abstract Submission has two parts,’ Non-Invited speakers (Oral, Poster)’ and ‘Invited speakers (Core Symposia, Symposia, International Sessions, JCA-AACR joint Symposium, Other)’.
    Only speakers invited by the Program Committee submit their abstracts to ‘Invited speakers.’
    Please make sure that you have selected the correct part.
  2. Abstract Submission for International Sessions or Symposia is required to select either Non-Invited speaker or Invited speaker.
  3. Click ‘Abstract Submission / View / Edit’ button when you submit your abstract.
    Your Sign in ID and Password are needed to browse ‘View/Edit’.
    Should you wish to make corrections to an abstract already submitted, corrections to abstracts can be made up to the deadline.

Special Characters

You are allotted 1,200 characters, including spaces, for the body of your abstract. The abstract must be written in English.

The Abstract Title should be in English within 120 characters including spaces. Please use single-byte characters.

In the title and the main text of abstracts, superscript, subscript, italic face, bold face, and underline are available.

Some computer systems may result in unsuccessful submissions due to incompatibility. It is the responsibility of the submitter to make sure that your computer conforms to the standards and procedures outlined above.