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  • プログラム 10月9日(金)
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Presidential Symposium (in Japanese)

Cancer research: Where do we come from? Where are we going?

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 14:45-17:15

Chair: Tomoki Naoe Nagoya Med. Ctr.
  Tomomitsu Hotta Natl. Cancer Ctr.

Special Symposia (in Japanese)

1.Special symposium commemorating the 100th anniversary of Katsusaburo Yamagiwa`s success in the animal carcinogenesis

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 16:40-17:40

Chair: Tetsuo Noda The Cancer Inst. of JFCR
  Masahide Takahashi Nagoya Univ.

2.Woman scientists in cancer research

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Mari Kannagi Tokyo Med. & Dent. Univ.
  Noriko Gotoh Cancer Res. Inst. of Kanazawa Univ.

Panel Discussion (in Japanese)

The Mission and future perspectives of newly established Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development(AMED)

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 15:20-17:50

Chair: Yasuhiro Fujiwara Natl. Cancer Ctr.
  Kohei Miyazono The univ. of Tokyo

JCA-AACR Joint Symposia

Sponsored by Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund.

1.Cancer immunotherapy

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Yutaka Kawakami Keio Univ.
  Thomas F. Gajewski The Univ. of Chicago

2.Non-coding RNA

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Takashi Takahashi Nagoya Univ.
  Sakari Kauppinen Aalborg Univ.

International Sessions

1.Molecular grounds for chromosomal instability

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Toru Hirota The Cancer Inst. of JFCR
  Chang-Woo Lee Sungkyunkwan Univ. Sch. of Med.

2.Investigator-initiated international cooperative clinical trials in East Asia

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Yasuhide Yamada Natl. Cancer Ctr. Hosp.
  Lin Shen Peking Univ. Cancer Hosp. & Inst.

3.Regulation of chromatin dynamics in cancer

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Yutaka Kondo Nagoya City Univ.
  Lan Fei Inst.s of Biomedical Sci, Fudan Univ.

4.Cancer prevention and therapy targeting iron and oxidative stress

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Shinya Toyokuni Nagoya Univ.
  Des R. Richardson Dept. of Pathology and Bosch Inst., Univ. of Sidney

5.Cancer genome profiling and diagnosis on archives and liquid biopsy

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 15:30-18:00

Chair: Hidewaki Nakagawa RIKEN
  Jun Wang Beijing Genomics Inst. (BGI)

6.Anti-tumor immune responses in cancer therapy

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 15:30-18:00

Chair: Hiroyoshi Nishikawa Natl. Cancer Ctr.
  Evan William Newell Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN)

7.Gastric cancer in Asia

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Wataru Yasui Hiroshima Univ.
  Patrick Tan Duke-NUS Grad. Med. Sch. Singapore

8.Exsomes as clinical biomarkers and therapeutic targets in cancer

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Takahiro Ochiya Natl. Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.
  Yong Song Gho Dep. of Life Sci., Pohang Univ. of Sci. and Technology

9.Realizing the precision medicine through cancer genomics

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Katsuya Tsuchihara Natl. Cancer Ctr.
  Sun Young Rha Yonsei Cancer Ctr., Yonsei Univ. Col. of Med.

10.What are the implications of sharing the concept of Universal Health Coverage for Asian cancer ?

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Hideyuki Akaza RCAST, the Univ. of Tokyo
  Jae Kyung Roh Yonsei Univ. Coll. of Med.
  Xi Shan Hao Chinise Anti-Cancer Association

11.Regulation of tumor angiogenesis

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Chair: Nobuyuki Takakura Osaka Univ.
  Gou Young Koh Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci and Technology

12.Single cell analysis for cancer research

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Chair: Fumio Arai Kyushu Univ.
  Shyam Prabhakar Genome Inst. of Singapore

Core Symposia

1.Gene dysprogramming as cancer driver and therapeutic target

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Toshikazu Ushijima Natl. Cancer ctr. res. Inst.
  Christoph Plass German Cancer Res. Ctr.

2.Mechanisms of targeted drug resistance and new insights of therapy

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 14:00-16:30

Chair: Seiji Yano Kanazawa univ.
  Sin Tiong Ong Duke-NUS

3.Complexity of cancer

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Hideyuki Saya Keio Univ.
  Mien-Chie Hung The Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Ctr.

4.Large-scale projects to develop molecular targeted therapy against cancer

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Hiroyuki Mano The univ. of Tokyo
  Peter H. O'Donnell The univ. of Chicago

5.Advances and clinical application of cancer biomarkers

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Yataro Daigo Shiga univ. of Med. Sci / The univ. of Tokyo
  Carlos Caldas Univ. of Cambridge

6.Challenging issues in systems understanding of cancer

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Chair: Satoru Miyano The Inst. of Med. Sci., the Univ. of Tokyo
  Luonan Chen Chinese Academy of Sci.


1.Molecular mechanism of invasion and metastasis: New targets for cancer therapy

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Yoshitaka Sekido Aichi Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.
  Yoshinori Murakami The Inst. of Med. Sci., the Univ. of Tokyo

2.Cancer research in the post-genome era: perspectives from epidemiology

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Kenji Wakai Nagoya Univ.
  Haruhiko Sugimura Hamamatsu Univ. Sch. of Med.

3.Cancer metabolism : From basic to bedside

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Tomoyushi Soga Keio Univ.
  Hiroyau Esumi Tokyo Univ. of Sci.

4.What can we see now by imaging?
~Application for clinical practice in the future~

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Etsuko Kiyokawa Kanazawa Med. Univ.
  Shinae Kondo Tokyo Inst. of Technology

5.New developments in molecular pathogenesis and clinical aplication based on genomic research in pediatric cancer

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Keizo Horibe Nagoya Med. Ctr.
  Mullighan CG St. Jude Res. Inst.

6.Points at issue and perspective of companion diagnostics

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Yasushi Yatabe Aichi Cancer Ctr. Hosp.
  Atsushi Ochiai Natl. Cancer Ctr. Hosp. East

7.Forefront of tumor microenvironment network research

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Kohei Miyazono The univ. of Tokyo
  Tetsu Akiyama The Univ. of Tokyo

8.Nanotechnology based cancer diagnosis, Therapy, and theranostics

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 15:30-18:00

Chair: Yoshinobu Baba Nagoya Univ.
  Kazunori Kataoka The univ. of Tokyo

9.The role of aging in cancer development

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 15:30-18:00

Chair: Eiji Hara The Cancer Inst. of JFCR
  Emi Nishimura Tokyo Med. & Dent. Univ.

10.Renovation of model organisms for cancer

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Takuro Nakamura The Cancer Inst. of JFCR
  David A. Largaespada Univ. of Minnesota

11.IDH mutation in cancer

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Shinsuke Iida Nagoya City Univ.
  Yukinari Kato Tohoku Univ.

12.Next generation of cell cycle - Basic science to clinical applications -

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Makoto Nakanishi Nagoya City Univ.
  Keiichi Nakayama Med. Inst. of Bioregulation, Kyushu Univ.

13.Chronic inflammation and host responses for cancer promotion and progression

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Masanobu Oshima Kanazawa Univ.
  Beate Heissig The Univ. of Tokyo

14.DNA repair mechanisms as potential targets for cancer therapy and diagnosis

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Chikahide Masutani Nagoya Univ.
  Takashi Kono Natl. Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.

15.Microbiome and cancer

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Hitoshi Nakagama Natl. Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.
  Masanori Hatakeyama The univ. of Tokyo

16.Application of basic research to surgical treatment

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Masaki Mori Osaka Univ.
  Hideo Baba Kumamoto Univ.

17.Cutting edge of oncolytic viruses for a new paradigm of cancer treatment

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Yasufumi Kaneda Osaka Univ.
  Keiya Ozawa The Univ. of Tokyo

18.Frontiers of radiation oncology

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Masahiro Hiraoka Kyoto Univ.
  Hiroki Shirato Hokkaido Univ.

19.Current status and future perspective for clinical trials in Japan

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Toshihiko Wakabayashi Nagoya Univ.
  Takamasa Kayama Yamagata Univ.

20.Cancer associated carbohydrates: Integrated understanding of usefulness as tumor markers and biological functions

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Chair: Koichi Furukawa Nagoya Univ.
  Eiji Miyoshi Osaka Univ.

Symposia on Specific Tumors (in Japanese except 1, 3)

1.Targeting molecule and clinical development in metastatic colorectal cancer

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Kei Muro Aichi Cancer Ctr. Hosp.
  Takayuki Yoshino Natl. Cancer Ctr. Hosp. East

2.Breakthrough of epigenomics, genomics and imaging from brain tumor as a solid tumor

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 13:00-15:30

Chair: Atsushi Natsume Nagoya Univ.
  Koichi Ichimura Natl. Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.

3.New horizon in gastric cancer research

Oct. 8 (Thu.) 15:30-18:00

Chair: Atsushi Ohtsu Natl. Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.
  Yasuhiro Kodera Nagoya Univ.

4.The recent development of pancreatic cancer, from bench to bedside

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Kenji Yamao Aichi Cancer Ctr. Hosp.
  Shinichi Yachida Natl. Cancer Ctr. Res. Inst.

5.Recent advances in understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of hematological malignancies from basic research to clinical applications

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Masashi Sanada Nagoya Med. Ctr.
  Sakata-Yanagimoto, Mamiko Univ. of Tsukuba

6.Frontier in breast cancer research and treatment

Oct. 9 (Fri.) 12:45-15:15

Chair: Masakazu Toi Kyoto Univ.
  Hiroji Iwata Aichi Cancer Ctr. Hosp.

7.Current status and future perspectives of the treatment of thoracic walignanecy

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30

Chair: Tetsuya Mitsudomi Kinki Univ.
  Isamu Okamoto Kyushu Univ. Hosp.

8.Advanced prostate cancer : molecular mechanisms and potential novel therapeutic strategy

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Chair: Satoru Takahashi Nagoya City Univ.
  Yoshiki Sugimura Mie Univ.

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