Meeting Program

(Tentative, Feb. 21 / 2011)

Special Academic Program

JSCO University

01 Breast cancer 08 Hepato-biliary and Pancreas cancers
02 Palliative care 09 Pediatric cancer
03 Hematological malignancies 10 Colorectal cancers
04 Upper gastrointestinal cancers 11 Urological cancers
05 Head & neck cancer 12 Bone, soft tissue, and skin cancers
06 Lung cancer 13 Supportive care
07 Gynecological cancers 14 Neuro-oncology

Special Symposium

01 Putative agents under the development
02 Clinical data base for cancer and information services in Japan: Current status and isuues

Debate Session

01 From pathologist: Do Japanese classification need to be unified in all cancers?
02 Is PFS (Progression Free Survival) useful as a primary end point of development study?
03 Investigator Initiated Trial: Potential and issues
04 Para-aortic lymphadenectomy in endometrial cancer


  • “Cancer translational research in Academic Institute”

Presidential Symposia

  • “Cancer care for the whole patient”: How to disseminate high-quality medical services to Every Corner of Japan
  • “Cancer care for the whole patient”: Oncology coordinator as a novel clue to tackle cancer
  • Certification of medical specialties: Reformation of the system towards new direction
  • Mega-clinical Trial in Pan-Asia: Toward the gold standard therapy in Asia

Major Symposia

  • Biomarkers: (1) Prognostic biomarker
  • Biomarkers: (2) Predictive biomarker
  • Progress in cancer surgical treatment: Year in review
  • Post Graduate Academic and Clinical Training Course for Oncology Professionals: The 1st support program and the next
  • Cancer peptide vaccine therapy: Current status and future outlook
  • Depression and delirium in cancer patients
  • Radiotherapy: Treatment outcomes and challenges

International Symposium

ASCO-JSCO symposium

  • “Chemoradiotherapy: Indication and combination with surgery”

ESMO-JSCO symposium

  • “ESMO-JSCO cooperative education for oncology professionals and patients: Possibility and Obstacles”

Asian session

01 Development of cancer treatment in Asia: the latest status and obstacles toward the goal
02 NCCN guideline in Asia -Practical significance and issues-
03 8th Asian cancer forum

International Session 

  • “Pharmacogenomics”

Special Lectures and Invited Lectures

  • Special Lecture
    President of the Japan Medical Association
  • Invited Lecture
    1. Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
    2. Howard L. McLeod
  • Award Lecture
    17th Komei Nakayama Prize winner
  • Presidential Addresses
    1. Yoshihiko Maehara (Chief Director of JSCO)
    2. Masahiko Nishiyama (President of 2011 JSCO annual meeting)

Panel Discussions

  • IPD meta-analysis in clinical trials
  • LET (linear energy transfer) radiation therapy: Evidence and future directions
  • Cancer stem cell research: Recent advances and application to bed side
  • Medical imaging and cancer treatment
  • Cancer rehabilitation: Indications and clinical evidence
  • Plastic surgery and cancer
  • Molecular targeted drugs: Advertise effects and their management
  • Pharmaceutical care of cancer patients (as a professional advancement session for oncology pharmacists)
  • Palliative care: Management of cancer pain and sedative treatment

Special Session

  • Web Consensus Meeting
    Patient Education: Let’s fix the program together!
  • Net Seminar
    Cancer education for children and school students

Educational Sessions

  • 17th JSCO Educational Seminar
  • 9th JSCO Seminar for Data-manager in Cancer Clinical Trials

Patient Advocate Program

Meet the Professor (Follow up program of JSCO University)

01 “Breast cancer” & “Head & neck cancer”
02 “Upper gastrointestinal cancers” & “Hematological malignancies”
03 “Lung cancer “& “Palliative care”
04 “Gynecological cancers” & “Bone, soft tissue, and skin cancers”
05 “Colorectal cancers “ & “Pediatric cancer “
06 “Hepato-biliary and Pancreas cancers” & “Urological cancers”
07 “Supportive care” & “ Neuro-oncology”

Evening Seminar

Meeting with JSCO Patients Advocacy Committee

Other Academic Program

  • 18 Mini-symposium
  • 81 Oral sessions
  • Poster session
  • Various seminars