The 72nd Annual Congress of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

To Speakers (Digital Poster Session)

To Speakers

Information for Digital Poster Session Speakers

At JSOG2020 we have introduced digital posters where the audience will be able to listen and view sessions in Full-HD instead of conventional paper posters.

For this reason, speakers are kindly asked to send their presentations in advance. A registered presentation will not be able to be replaced or altered at any time after the registration deadline including during the JSOG2020. Also, please note that you are not required to bring your presentation to the session venue.

Notes for presentation

  • Please note that if you do not arrive by the meeting time, your Digital Poster presentation will be canceled.

  • Presentations will be made using a touch panel and electronic pointer. Be sure to use a microphone when speaking.
  • During the presentation, the PowerPoint presenter view maynot be used.
  • Outside of the presentation time, you may discuss while viewing the digital poster(Please use free time such as morning, noon and evening).
  • Please bring a backup file of your presentation in case of an unexpected event on the day of your presentation.

Presentation time

Presentation time will be 3 minutes.
After the announcement of all members of the Group, the remaining time will be free discussion.
Please be punctual.
A chair will be set up for each session to present the performers.

Submission of your Digital Poster

During the conference, Digital Posters will be shown on the congress mobile app(MICEnavi) and the large displays in the venue.

Please send your digital poster presentation (ppt / pptx etc.) to the Technical Support Desk email below.

【Technical Support Desk.】

Presentation Registration Period
Noon, March 3 (Thu.) – Noon, March 31 (Thu.) (JST)

*Please make sure that you register your presentation by the deadline.

  • It is not possible to replace or alter your presentation at the venue, so please be sure to register in advance.
  • Please note that if you do not register within the registration period, your abstract may be canceled.
  • For inquiries about Digital Posters, please contact the Digital Poster Support Desk below. Inquiries may be made by e-mail only.
  • After the exhibition period, the registered slide data will be deleted by the Congress Secretariat.
  • If you do not want your Digital Poster published in the congress mobile app(MICEnavi), please contact the Digital Poster Support Desk below.

Preparation of your Digital Poster

Please make presentation slides in a large format (template specified by the Society), multiple slides are not allowed. Presentation slides require the disclosure of any conflict of interests (COI).

Click the button below to open the template, and please save using your name.

<Template> <Image>
Application Please create presentation data using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Compatible versions:
  • *Please make presentation slides in a large format (template specified by the Society)
Name of slide 【Presentation number _speaker’s name.pptx】
(ex: P1-1_TaroYamada.pptx)
  • *.pptx is an extension of Microsoft PowerPoint.
Size A0 (841mm x 1,189 mm) size
  • *Not multiple slides
Font Use OS standard fonts.
Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Courier New, Georgia
Font size Headings:Over 60pt
Text:36 px to 40 px
  • *The title, name, and affiliation are automatically inserted and do not need to be included in the slide.
  • *If the font size is small, characters may be crushed on the screen.
tables, photos
Presentation slides may be enlarged, so please use high quality data.
You MAY NOT include any animation/sound/video.
  • *Presentation slides are converted to image materials to prevent layout collapse. Therefore, video, audio, screen transition animation, and in-page animation maynot be used.
File date Up to 50MB of data may be registered.
COI Be sure to include whether there are any COI in your presentation slides.

About digital poster viewing

During the conference, you may freely view digital posters on computers in the digital poster viewing area.

<Digital poster viewing area> Hall E, B2F, Tokyo International Forum

Inquiry about Digital Poster

【Technical Support Desk.】
  • *Please contact by e-mail. We do not accept telephone inquiries.
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