JSSF42 The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Foot


■WINC Aichi

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WINC Aichi - the Aichi Industry and Labor Center, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Located near Nagoya station, it takes about one hour from Osaka, or two hours from Tokyo by the Shinkansen express ("Bullet") train.

The nearest airport, Central Japan International Airport (CENTRAIR) is approximately 30 minutes far by Meitetsu train.

From Nagoya station, please see the directions below.

* From the Higashiyama subway line: exit 8.
* From the Sakuradori subway line : exit 11.
* From the Meitetsu or Kintestu lines: exit 12.
* From JR Lines and the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) : exit of the eastern side of Nagoya Station.

Aboveground route

From Sakura-Dori Gate follow the sidewalk to the right of the taxi pick-up zone and head to the cross-walk on the corner. Across the street is a large Prada store. Walk past the store, keeping it on your left-hand side. Continue straight for about 100 meters. You will come to a small intersection. On the left-hand side will be “BIG ECHO”. Keep going straight. The main entrance to WINC Aichi is just past BIG ECHO on the right-hand side.

Underground route

Walk underground through Sun Road Underground, Midland Square, Marukei Kanko Bldg, Nagoya Cross Court Tower to Winc Aichi.