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Greetings from 
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  The Osaka Retina Meeting 2019 has been scheduled for May 25, 2019. This will mark the fourth meeting since 2013. The venue is the same highly acclaimed location as in 2017—the Congrès Convention Center in Grand Front Osaka. We will welcome many leading vitreoretinal practitioners as faculty from both Japan and overseas. This meeting will include a wealth of content such as lectures focusing on Surgical Retina, panel discussions and Live Surgery from overseas.
The five international experts in medicine and surgery whom we will welcome this year are: Dr. Gaurav Shah, who has been energetically disseminating information about Surgical Retina from the United States and has a reputation for clear and understandable presentations; Dr. Hany Hamza (Cairo University, Egypt), who is known as a master of surgery and lecture even in Egypt, where it is said that surgical techniques are generally highly sophisticated due to numerous severe cases of external injury, PDR, and PVR; a female surgeon, Dr. San-Ni Chen (Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan), who is a good research collaborator of Dr. Yang from Taiwan who presented last time and performs the maximum number of vitreous surgeries in Taichung (central Taiwan) area. She also has to her credit many research articles on vitreous surgery for the disease of the macula, and Dr. Fanis Pavlidis (Koeln, Germany), who contributed substantially to the development of TDC cutter that brought revolution in microincision vitrectomy, and Dr. Dmitry Shkvorchenko (Moscow, Russia), who is one of the top vitreoretinal surgeons in Russia. We have also invited surgeons at the cutting-edge of Surgical Retina in Japan.
The Live Surgery will feature Dr. Peter Stalmans (Leuven, Belgium), who also presented last time, in addition to Dr. Claus Eckardt and Dr. Tillmann Eckert (Frankfurt, Germany). Live Surgery will involve the technicians in their own facility demonstrating their usual methods over a live feed. In this way, the stress of operating in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar staff, as so often happens with Live Surgery, will be eliminated. These three surgeons however, rarely have an issue with that and whatever their environment, perform highly skilled surgery. I look forward to having many people taking advantage of this opportunity and participating in this meeting.
    Osaka Retinal Vitreous Research Group
Organizer Shunji Kusaka (Kindai University)
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