Fellowship Award

Fellowship Award for WPA Regional Congress Osaka Japan 2015 to be held in association with the 111th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Fellowship Award application has been closed.

Application deadline: October 8th, 2014 12:00pm (Japan Time)


The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN) is now accepting applications for the JSPN Fellowship Award, which is presented to early-career psychiatrists from Asia and around the world. The purpose of this award is to recognize early-career, outstanding psychiatrists and to encourage academic discussion and personal friendships with early-career Japanese psychiatrists at the WPA Regional Congress Osaka Japan 2015, to be held in association with the 111th annual meeting of the JSPN on June 4th to 6th, 2015, in Osaka, Japan.


Applicants must:
1. Be psychiatrists who are 40 years of age or under
2. Not be previous recipients of the JSPN Fellowship Award
3. Belong to a World Psychiatric Association member society
(To ensure broad participation from around the world, the JSPN accepts nominations from each society up to a maximum of two applicants.)

Note: Award recipients will receive a waiver of meeting registration fees, the cost of accommodation, and a partial reimbursement of airfares (JPY 70,000 for recipients from World Bank “High” or “Upper middle” income group and JPY140,000 for those from World Bank “Lower middle” or “Low” income group.
Please check the column of income group on the list).

Award recipients will be expected to:

  • stay at a designated accommodation site
  • participate in the meeting for the three-day period
  • give a presentation at one of the Award symposia (on the topic for which the recipient applied)
  • attend other programs for JSPN Fellowship Award recipients

Award recipients will also be expected to participate in future JSPN Fellowship Award Alumni programs.

Applicants must choose a topic from Nos. 1 or 2 below and submit an abstract of 200 or more words, 250 words or less in length on-line.

1. Psychiatric Emergency Services

The applicant is requested to describe how psychiatric emergency services are practiced in his / her home country.

The description must address the following issues:
  • The number of psychiatric emergency beds and the number of hospitals that provide psychiatric emergency services
  • The system for providing psychiatric emergency services
  • Treatment for co-morbid physical illness
  • Collaboration between ordinary clinics and hospitals and psychiatric emergency service centers
  • Training and assignment of psychiatrists for psychiatric emergency services
  • Suicide prevention measures implemented by psychiatric emergency services
  • Linkage between psychiatric emergency services and specialized psychiatric treatments
  • Relation between psychiatric emergency services and disaster psychiatry
2. Case Vignette

The applicant is requested to describe how psychiatrists in his/her home country would deal with
the case described in the vignette.

The description must address the following points:
  • Please describe the pathway to the psychiatric interview of the subject in this case. Will a judicial officer be involved in the process?
  • How will psychiatric interviews be conducted in order to confirm a diagnosis?
  • If the subject in this case needs to be hospitalized, how will the decision of involuntary admission be made?
  • Does your country have a mental health law or laws specially designed for criminal cases?
  • In the case that the suspected person has a psychiatric disorder, how will he/she receive medical treatment? Is there any specialized unit or ward for such cases in your country?
  • Can a subject with a psychiatric disorder have his/her penalty reduced by law?

How to apply

Application Start: September 1st, 2014

Application Deadline: October 8th, 2014   12:00pm (Japan Time)

Fellowship Award application has been closed.

  • Abstract of 200 or more words, 250 words or less in length about 1. Psychiatric Emergency Services or 2. Case Vignette above
  • “Nomination form” with signature of the president of the society as nominator (“Nomination form” could be of any format. Example)
  • “Personal information form” (The designated Excel forms must be used. Example

All documents must be submitted when you apply for the 2015 Fellowship Award.


The secretariat will acknowledge receipt of the application. You will receive an automatic reply to your email confirming your application. If you haven’t received it for a week, please contact JSPN secretariat <jimu-kokusai@jspn.or.jp>.

Please note that  JSPN is no longer accept any inquiries about your application from one week after the deadline (Japan Time).

E-mail: international@jspn.biz

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