Dear Friends,

Congress President
Dinesh Bhugra
WPA President

It is a privilege and an honour to welcome you to the WPA Regional Congress in association with Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology to be held in Osaka from June 4th to 6th, 2015.  Japan has many things to teach us about psychiatry, psychiatric practice and innovations. In these days of economic uncertainty we need to learn how to deliver  best services which our patients will find helpful. This Congress is a truly an excellent opportunity to bring clinicians, researchers and policy makers together to share and learn from each other and how we can all work together to take the region forward. From community care to innovative intervention this Congress offers a wonderful platform to explore global vision but applied to individual nations. I look forward to meeting you in an exciting city for further discussions and deliberations.


Dear Colleagues in Asia and in the World

Congress Director
Masatoshi Takeda
JSPN President

Welcome to the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Regional Congress in Osaka, Japan, 4-6 June, 2015. The Congress is jointly organized by the WPA and the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN) in conjunction with the 111th JSPN Meeting.
In recent years, JSPN has been expanding its activity to the global level, and it is our great privilege and honor to host the WPA Regional Congress in Osaka. The theme of the Congress is “Asian Partnership in the World” aiming for the close collaboration with Asian colleagues, bringing together overseas and local clinicians, researchers, and mental health professionals for the interflow of recent knowledge and advanced skills in the field of psychiatry.

Looking back the history, JSPN hosted the WPA Yokohama Congress in 2002, which was an epoch-making event for the JSPN and Japanese psychiatry to catch up to the global level. After WPA Yokohama Congress, Japanese psychiatry has grown up as a member of international psychiatric community during these 13 years. Through the open communication and collaboration with oversea colleagues, especially with Asian colleagues, we have been mutually learning and trying to develop better psychiatric service. We expect about 7,000 colleagues joining the WPA Regional Congress in Osaka together with the 111th JSPN Annual Meeting, which will be the second stage for the JSPN to have better communication with colleagues in Asia and the world aiming for the mutual merits from each other.

I would like to extend our warmest invitation to you to participate in the WPA Regional Congress in Osaka, where you can expect the real omotenashi by JSPN members and Osaka people, which is the word for “hospitality” in Japanese language.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Organizing Committee Chair
Toshifumi Kishimoto
President of the 111th
Annual Meeting of JSPN

I am delighted that the 111th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology will be held in association with the WPA Regional Congress Osaka 2015. You are invited to participate in this congress to learn about the latest developments in psychiatry and neuroscience. Osaka, the biggest city in western Japan, is a cosmopolitan city with modern infrastructure which has developed a unique culture together with Nara and Kyoto. In Nara, the ancient capital before Kyoto, within easy access from Osaka and Kyoto, a lot of assets that came from Japanese history and culture are scattered all around. The Congress offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy both academic pursuits and the culture and history of Japan. I cordially welcome my friends and colleagues to the Osaka Congress.


Dear Friends

Congress Secretary General
Tsuyoshi Akiyama
Vice-chair of JSPN
International Affairs

I welcome you to the WPA Regional Congress Osaka Japan 2015.  Asia is moving forward.  As hosting organization, the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN) would like to provide an opportunity where international friends learn about excellent advancements in Asia and Asian friends obtain global perspectives about our experiences in the region.

Japanese psychiatry has its strengths and challenges.  More students are getting interested in psychiatry, as the most refined research area on brain and at the same time as medical practice with humane contacts.  Access to good quality care is assured and nobody is turned away due to financial difficulty.

On the other hands, the high number of psychiatric beds has started to decrease gradually and the community care model is being developed with learning from various countries in the past. Aging of the people and the patients poses huge issues as in most of the countries in the world.

I welcome you to Osaka, the center of Kansai, which is culturally and traditionally distinguished from Kanto, where Tokyo is.  Japan is one and Japan is diverse.  I hope that your academic and networking interests as well as touristic enjoyments be fulfilled at this congress.


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