ICRR2015 Kyoto, Japan - 15th International Congress of Radiation Research

Program Overview
Introduction to the Programs of ICRR2015

The theme of ICRR2015 is “Radiation Science Shaping the Future of the Earth and Mankind.” The programs will focus on nine key fields of radiation science: radiation biology, therapeutic radiation biology, life science, non-ionizing radiation, radiation protection science, radiation chemistry, radiation oncology, radiation medicine, and multidisciplinary fields. A number of joint symposia will be held in cooperation with other organizations. As shown by the list of invited speakers now available on the congress webpage, this congress provides a rare opportunity to meet many famous researchers in your field of speciality. Note that the nine fields are closely linked with each other, for example, a renowned researcher in life science will talk at the therapeutic radiation biology symposium. Therefore, you are encouraged to not only identify programs of direct relevance to your field, but also to look at other fields, which may yield an unexpected fusion of distinct research fields.

While ICRR2015 will naturally feature the highest levels of expertise and the latest technology in these fields of radiation science, the overriding objective is to shape the future of the Earth and mankind. It is also important to consider how our daily research can contribute to the development of human society and protection of the global environment. At the beginning of the congress, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, a Nobel Laureate for his work with iPS cells, and Dr. Akito Arima, a physicist and one-time Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Japan, will give plenary lectures. Other programs include a variety of award lectures, a gala dinner where you can deepen friendships with other participants while enjoying Japanese cultural performances, and a program for international exchange for young researchers beyond the boundaries of research areas. An attractive point of this congress is that the diverse programs will help increase attendees’ research insights and will examine the future of the Earth and mankind. In this contemporary society where great specialization is the norm, there are few opportunities to meet with people from around the world to discuss our life on this planet. No multidisciplinary congress like ICRR is held in other academic fields. This congress, which is held only once every four years, is unlikely to be held again in Japan in the near future. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique opportunity to broaden horizons, deepen understanding, and discuss the future of the Earth and human society.

Main Theme of the Congress

Radiation Science Shaping the Future of the Earth and Mankind



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