Instruction for Speakers
(How to create and upload a presentation)

Instructions for Speakers

1. Registration

Those who will present in any of the online sessions except for invited lecturers are expected to register and pay the attendance fee by June 17th.
If not, your abstract will be withdrawn. If you would like to withdraw your abstract, please contact the congress secretariat with the email title “Abstract Withdrawal” by June 17.

*If you are students or junior residents, the registration is not required, but please send a copy of official document such as a student’s identification or a certificate to the congress secretariat.

2. Uploading your presentation data

Presenters are requested to submit the presentation data online by June 30. The link for uploading a file and the password to access the uploading system will be sent to you by emails.

3. How to make a presentation data

  • For invited lecturers: Please make a PowerPoint presentation with audio according to the designated time.
  • For oral and poster presenters: Regardless of whether you are an oral or poster presenter, you can choose to make a Power Point presentation with audio (7 minutes or less) or a Power Point presentation without audio (10 slides or less without COI disclosure slide).
  • Presentation with audio should be submitted in PPTX format or converted to MP4 video on your own. (MP4 format is preferred because it will take less time to upload and there will be less mistakes.)
  • Presentation without audio will be converted to images by the congress secretariat.
  • If you include a video in the presentation, please embed it into the slides.
  • For slides without audio, the notes feature is available. It is up to the speakers to decide if they use it.
  • The presentation data will be streamed and cannot be downloaded by the viewers.
  • Please run a virus check before submission.
  • The file name should be “Presentation No._Presenter’s name” and its size should be less than 2 GB.
  • The font should be Windows standard font.

Instructions how to record narration in PowerPoint

Citation of copyrighted material, notation of copyright

Please be careful not to cite any copyrighted material. When citing non-original materials such as a figure, please be sure to clearly indicate the source. In addition, we recommend that you include your name and affiliation on each slide as a copyright notice to prevent reprinting.

COI Disclosure Information

All the presenters are requested to disclose any Conflict of Interest (COI) information related to the presentation. Please download the sample of the disclosure slide.

If there is any COI, presenters should use the disclosure slide for the 2nd page of the presentation after the title slide, in order to clarify the names of companies and/or associations in question.
If there is no COI, presenters should indicate as such on the disclosure slide.

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