The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society

Greetings from the President

  • Yasushi Toh
  • (President of the National Kyushu Cancer Center)
  • President of the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society
Photo:Yasushi Toh

The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society is scheduled to be held at the Fukuoka International Congress Center in Fukuoka City on June 6 (Thu) and 7 (Fri), 2019. I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to serve as the President of this Annual Meeting, with its long history and tradition created by our predecessors. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the President of the JES, Hisahiro Matsubara, and also to all members of the JES.

This society has developed as an interdisciplinary society covering many fields and both basic and clinical research, and has led the world in the treatment of and research on esophageal disorders. As one of the leading countries of the world in the management of esophageal disorders, we have to further improve the treatment outcomes for esophageal diseases. On the other hand, we need to make an effort to improve the satisfaction levels of patients suffering from esophageal diseases and their families. To realize both, not only doctors, but also all categories of health professionals are required to participate in healthcare and research.

We have selected <“Seed and Soil” in Esophagology –Toward Further Development of Esophagology-> as the main theme of this Annual Meeting. We would like to hold the meeting with the aim of “‘cultivating the soil and sowing the seeds for the next generation,’ to further develop esophagology and JES by the All Japan framework.”

In April 2018, robot-assisted surgery for esophageal cancer began to be covered by health insurance. In the future, not only comparative studies of conventional thoracotomy with thoracoscopic surgery, but also verification of the efficacy of robot-assisted surgery is needed. Also, many clinical studies of immune checkpoint inhibitors are ongoing. Research needs to be promoted to further improve the treatment outcomes. On the other hand, the 5-year survival rate of all patients with esophageal cancer is still approximately 40%. New treatment strategies to save the remaining 60% of the patients need to be developed, and appropriate care of these patients needs to be further discussed. In addition, we healthcare professionals have to raise awareness about maintenance of the quality of life (QOL) and mental health care of esophageal cancer survivors after complete cure. I am currently involved in all aspects of cancer care, and think that equal accessibility of medical care for esophageal diseases throughout Japan is also an issue that needs to be dealt with. Furthermore, after graduation, I quit clinical practice and became involved in basic medical research related to cancer metastasis and also got interested in translational research for more than 10 years. Progress in the field of esophageal cancer has been comparatively slow relative to other fields. We must seriously consider why this is the case.

Based on awareness of the problems mentioned above, to realize the main theme, we plan many projects promoting discussions of the All Japan framework, i.e., members from different fields, those involved in basic and clinical research, doctors and other categories of health professionals, veteran and young members. Special lectures will be given by Dr. Hitoshi Nakagama, President of the National Cancer Center, who is involved in basic medical research, and by the chief priest of Zenpukuji, Norihiro Nagakura, who is the author of “Mitoruhito,” and has practiced palliative care, wherein he shares the grief of terminally ill patients.

We would like to make every effort to make the meeting fruitful in Hakata, where the Gion Yamakasa Festival will be held a short time after the meeting. I will greatly appreciate your guidance and encouragement and truly hope that the meeting will have a large attendance.

August 2018

Event Outline


The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society


June 6th(Thu)・June 7th(Fri), 2019

  • Educational Seminar 2019
  • (The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society Educational Seminar)
  • June 5th(Wed), 2019


Fukuoka International Congress Center


Yasushi Toh
(President of the National Kyushu Cancer Center)

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“Seed and Soil” in Esophagology
–Toward Further Development of Esophagology-

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