The 96th Annual Congress of the Japan Endocrine Society

Message from the Congress President

Hiroshi Arima

Congress President

The 96th Annual Congress of the Japan Endocrine Society

Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes,

Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University

Hiroshi Arima

The 96th Annual Congress of the Japan Endocrine Society will be held at the Nagoya Congress Center from June 1 (Thu) to 3 (Sat), 2023. Looking back, the 93rd and 94th Annual Congresses of the Japan Endocrine Society were held virtually due to COVID-19. Considering the circumstances at the time, it was an unavoidable decision. On the other hand, the 95th Annual Congress adopted a hybrid format, with about 1,000 members participating on-site and some 3,000 attending online. The 96th Annual Congress will follow the policy of the 95th Annual Congress and will be held in a hybrid format. We hope that this format will enable as many doctors as possible, both in Japan and overseas, to attend in person or online.

We have received many suggestions for the meeting program from the Program Committee Chair, Professor Iichiro Shimomura (Osaka University), and other members of the Program Committee who represent each subcommittee. Based on the advice of the committee members, I intend to strive together with my medical department members to prepare a program befitting the Annual Congress of the Japan Endocrine Society, which encompasses multiple fields.

The Japan Endocrine Society will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. At the 96th Annual Congress, we plan to include a special “countdown” session for the 100th anniversary to review the history of the Japan Endocrine Society. The project will introduce the history of the Japan Endocrine Society alongside the development of the local Toyota Motor Corporation in a chronological record. In addition, some of Toyota's famous cars, both old and new, will be on display at the venue, so car lovers in particular are encouraged to join us at the venue.

As a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of the members, including myself, toward endocrinology, we have chosen the theme of the 96th Annual Congress as "We Love Endocrinology.” Also, the promotional poster is illustrated with stars in the night sky to symbolize the auspicious “Shoryudo - Rising Dragon Region,” signifying our hopes for the further development of the Japan Endocrine Society.

I look forward to meeting you all in Nagoya.