Dr. Koichiro Matsuo

26th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of
Dysphagia Rehabilitation President
Koichiro Matsuo
Department of Oral Health Sciences for Community Welfare,
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences,
Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Dr. Jun Kashishita

27th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of
Dysphagia Rehabilitation President
Jun Kayashita
Department of Health Science,
Faculty of Human Culture and Science,
Prefectural University of Hiroshima

The 26th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JSDR) and the 2nd World Dysphagia Summit (WDS) are postponed due to worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, and will be held jointly with the 27th JSDR meeting from August 20th to 23rd, 2021 at Nagoya Congress Center.

The theme of 26 & 27th JSDR and 2nd WDS is Connect “EAT”. JSDR has grown to a large society with more than 15,000 members and over 6,000 delegates attending its annual meeting every year. We hope the joint 26 & 27th JSDR will become a symbolic conference for transdisciplinary approach, which represents the main concept of our society. The number of delegates has increased and the past conferences have attracted a wider range of professionals. Since the areas of interest may vary among different disciplines, we hope that this meeting will facilitate interactions according to “eat”. We also hope that it will promote networking among different professions through discussing patients’ “eat,” including how to translate basic dysphagia research into clinical application, how the collected evidence is used in practice, and how to link to “eat” in intensive care, comprehensive rehabilitation and community based integrated care.

This joint meeting with WDS will also “connect” Japan and the other countries over the world. WDS is held every three years and is jointly organized by three dysphagia societies in the US, Europe and Japan. Its second summit will be held in Nagoya in conjunction with JSDR. Many prominent dysphagia experts will be invited from all over the world to give keynote lectures and symposia. We hope that the many Japanese delegates will experience a world-level conference. JSDR is the largest society for dysphagia in the world. We hope that it will be a great opportunity for overseas delegates to experience an enthusiastic Japanese meeting and corporate exhibition. We are very looking forward to seeing you at the next joint meeting of JSDR and WDS in Nagoya!