This conference will be a hybrid of on-site and web
(Live streaming and Video on-demand ).


Day 1
August 19 (Thu)

Day 2
August 20 (Fri)

Day 3
August 21 (Sat)

Congress program

Designated Sessions

General Sessions

WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture Live streaming VOD

1. WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture 1 English

Chair:Ueda, Koichiro (Nihon University School of Dentistry, Japan)

Speaker:Saitoh, Eiichi (Fujita Health University, Japan)

2. WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture 2 English

Chair:Saitoh, Eiichi (Fujita Health University, Japan)

Speaker:Shaker, Reza (Medical College of Wisconsin, USA)

3. WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture 3 English

Chair:Han, Tai-Ryoon (Seoul National University, Korea)

Speaker:Clavé, Pere (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)

4. WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture 4 English

Chair:Matsuo, Koichiro (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)

Speaker:Martin-Harris, Bonnie (Northwestern University, USA)

5. WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture 5 English

Chair:Kayashita, Jun (Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan)

Speaker:Matsuo, Koichiro (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)

6. WDS & JSDR Plenary Lecture 6 English

Chair:Kurachi, Masako (International University of Health and Welfare, Japan)

Speaker:Kayashita, Jun (Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan)

WDS & JSDR Special Lecture Live streaming VOD

1. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 1 English

Chair:Izumi, Shin-ichi (Tohoku University, Japan)

Speaker:Kamakura, Yayoi (Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing, Japan)

2. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 2 English

Chair:Katori, Yukio (Tohoku University, Japan)

Speaker:McCulloch, Timothy (University of Wisconsin, USA)

3. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 3 English

Chair:Inoue, Makoto (Niigata University, Japan)

Speaker:Hamdy, Shaheen (The University of Manchester, UK)

4. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 4 English

Chair:Nozaki, Sonoko (Wakakusa Tatsuma Rehabilitation Hospital, Japan)

Speaker:Dziewas, Rainer (University Hospital Münster, Germany)

5. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 5 English

Chair:Inamoto, Yoko (Fujita Health University, Japan)

Speaker:Kurachi, Masako (International University of Health and Welfare, Japan)

6. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 6 English

Chair:Tsubahara, Akio (Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, Japan)

Speaker:Huckabee, Maggie-Lee (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

7. WDS & JSDR Special Lecture 7 English

Chair:Saitoh, Eiichi (Fujita Health University, Japan)

Speaker:Miller, Arthur (University of California at San Francisco, USA)


JSDR Special Lecture Live streaming VOD

1. Sarcopenia/Frailty and Dysphagia

Chair: Matsuo, Koichiro (Japan)

Speaker:Arai, Hidenori (Japan)

2. How to Solve the Double Burden of Malnutrition

Chair: Kayashita, Jun (Japan)

Speaker:Nakamura, Teiji (Japan)

JSDR Educational Seminar Live streaming VOD

    Chair:Baba, Mikoto (Japan)
  • Videoendoscopy / Speaker: Ota, Kikuo (Japan)
  • Videofluoroscopy / Speaker: Hiraoka, Takashi (Japan)
  • Chair:Yamawaki, Masanaga (Japan)
  • Sarcopenia / Speaker: Maeda, Keisuke (Japan)
  • Nutritional Management for Terminal Cancer Patients /
    Speaker: Usui, Masanobu (Japan)
  • Chair:Hyodo, Masamitsu (Japan)
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Head and Neck Cancer to
    Preserve Swallowing Function / Speaker: Tateya, Ichiro (Japan)
  • Surgical Approach to Dysphagia / Speaker: Fujimoto, Yasushi (Japan)
  • Chair:Izumi, Shin-ichi (Japan)
  • Rat Model / Speaker: Connor, Nadine (USA) English
  • Tongue Pressure・Palatal Augmentation Prosthesis /
    Speaker: Yoshida, Mitsuyoshi (Japan)
  • Chair:Kumakura, Isami (Japan)
  • Oral Training / Speaker: Nishiwaki, Keiko (Japan)
  • Pharyngeal Training / Speaker: Hojo, Kyoko (Japan)
  • Chair:Yamamoto, Toshiyuki (Japan)
  • Dementia / Speaker: Yamada, Ritsuko (Japan)
  • Long-term Approach to Dysphagia in Parkinson's Disease and
    Related Diseases / Speaker: Umemoto, George (Japan)
  • Chair:Ebihara, Satoru (Japan)
  • Swallowing Rehabilitation in ICU / Speaker: Brodsky, Martin (USA) English
  • Basics and Approach for Aspiration Pneumonia /
    Speaker: Takahata, Hideaki (Japan)
  • Chair:Hanayama, Kozo (Japan)
  • Manometry / Speaker: Aoyagi, Yoichiro (Japan)
  • Swallowing Evaluation with CT / Speaker: Inamoto, Yoko (Japan)
  • Chair:Kondo, Izumi (Japan)
  • Pediatric Behavior Adjustment / Speaker: Tamura, Fumiyo (Japan)
  • Children with Severe Physical and Mental Disabilities /
    Speaker: Kato, Atsushi (Japan)
  • Chair: Watanabe Yutaka (Japan)
  • Oral Care Assessment / Speaker: Furuya, Junichi (Japan)
  • Oral Care Practice / Speaker: Suzuki, Hitomi (Japan)

JSDR Symposium

1. Connect: Popularization of Home Medical Care Live streaming VOD

Chair:Tohara, Haruka (Japan)

Speakers:Otaka, Miwa (Japan)
Sakai, Kensuke (Japan)
Yokoyama, Yuji (Japan)
Totoki, Hisako (Japan)
Kato, Eiji (Japan)

2. Connect: VF Evaluation and Training Live streaming VOD

Chair:Kurachi, Masako (Japan)

Speakers:Fujiwara, Yuri (Japan)
Oshima, Fumiko (Japan)
Ohmae, Yukio (Japan)

3. Connect: Videoendoscopic Evaluation
in Multidisciplinary Collaboration Live streaming VOD

Chair:Kagaya, Hitoshi (Japan)
Kamakura, Yayoi (Japan)

Speakers:Kaneoka, Asako (Japan)
Ogawa, Mao (Japan)
Kanazawa, Hideaki (Japan)
Kagaya, Hitoshi (Japan)
(One more speaker from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

4. Approach to Dysphagia of the Elderly in Dementia
-Tips from Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Live streaming VOD

Chair:Nohara, Kanji (Japan)

Speakers:Ueda, Akihito (Japan)
Tanaka, Nobukazu (Japan)
Sakai, Michiko (Japan)

5. Connect: Basic Research and Clinical Approach Live streaming VOD

Chair:Inoue, Makoto (Japan)
Minaki, Shogo (Japan)

Speakers:Sugiyama, Yoichiro (Japan)
Tsujimura, Takanori (Japan)
Manda, Yosuke (Japan)
Sasaki, Makoto (Japan)

6. Eating support is palliative care Live streaming VOD

Chair:Kikutani, Takeshi (Japan)
Matsubara, Kahori (Japan)

Speakers:Ohi, Yuko (Japan)
Kurose, Masahiko (Japan)
Taida, Kouji (Japan)
Kawabata, Naoko (Japan)

7. Connect: Oral and Pharyngeal Stages
– Mastication and Swallowing Live streaming VOD

Chair:Shibata, Seiko (Japan)

Speakers:Shibata, Seiko (Japan)
Magara, Jin (Japan)
Ono, Takahiro (Japan)
Fukuoka, Tatsuyuki (Japan)

8. Connect: Pharyngeal and Esophageal Stages
- Physiology, Evaluation, and Approach in esophagus (UES) Live streaming VOD

Chair:Tsuchida, Osamu (Japan)
Taniguchi, Hiroshige (Japan)

Speakers:Katori, Yukio (Japan)
Kuribayashi, Shiko (Japan)
Aoyagi, Yoichiro (Japan)
Umezaki, Toshiro (Japan)

JSDR Panel Discussion

1. Oral Function that Supports Eating Live streaming VOD

Chair:Minakuchi, Shunsuke (Japan)

Speakers:Hirano, Hirohiko (Japan)
Ueda, Takayuki (Japan)
Nakagawa, Kazuharu (Japan)
Uchibori, Noriyasu (Japan)

2. Posture Adjustment that Supports Eating Live streaming VOD

Chair:Shimizu, Mitsuko (Japan)

Speakers:Ota, Kikuo (Japan)
Kato, Kengo (Japan)
Fujii, Wataru (Japan)
Kojima, Chieko (Japan)

3. Approach for Dysphagia in Rehabilitation Hospital Live streaming VOD

Chair:Okamoto, Takatsugu (Japan)

Speakers:Okamoto, Takatsugu (Japan)
Nishioka, Shinta (Japan)
Watanabe, Mitsuko (Japan)
Tsukitari, Asami (Japan)

4. World Dysphagia Diet Live streaming VOD


Chair:Yoshikawa, Mineka (Japan)
Clavé, Pere (Spain)

Speakers:Clavé, Pere (Spain)
Chichero, Julie (Australia)
Oe, Yukiko (Japan)
Sakamoto, Koji (Japan)

5. IDDSI: International and Japanese Dysphagia Diet
Terminologies Live streaming VOD


Chair:Nakao, Mari (Japan)
Senda, Naoyuki (Japan)

Speakers:Lam, Peter (Canada)
Chichero, Julie (Australia)
Kayashita, Jun (Japan)

6. Case Study of Team Medical Practice Leader Live streaming VOD

Chair:Izumi, Shin-ichi (Japan)

Speakers:Izumi, Shin-ichi (Japan)
Ozaki, Kenichiro (Japan)
Hirao, Yumi (Japan)
Hamada, Hiromi (Japan)

7. Nutritional management
for improving swallowing function Live streaming VOD

Chair:Wakabayashi, Hidetaka (Japan)
Nishioka, Shinta (Japan)

Speakers:Ueshima, Junko (Japan)
Sonoi, Mika (Japan)
Shimizu, Akio (Japan)
Egashira, Fumie (Japan)

8. Home support for children who have difficulty eating Live streaming VOD

Chair:Masuda, Shin (Japan)

Speakers:Inohara, Ken (Japan)
Kim, Chisun (Japan)
Takami, Hatsu (Japan)

9. Sarcopenia and Dysphagia - State of the art Live streaming VOD

Chair:Fujishima, Ichiro (Japan)
Wakabayashi, Hidetaka (Japan)

Speakers:Sugiyama, Yoichiro (Japan)
Oshima, Fumiko (Japan)
Mori, Takashi (Japan)
Wakabayashi, Hidetaka (Japan)

10. COVID-19 and Dysphagia Live streaming VOD

Chair:Fujitani, Junko (Japan)
Oshima, Fumiko (Japan)

Speakers:Ueha, Rumi (Japan)
Uchiyama, Kazushi (Japan)
Furuya, Hiroyasu (Japan)
Takeichi, Mika (Japan)
Sugawara, Hidekazu (Japan)

11. Current Status of Swallowing Treatment in Taiwan Live streaming VOD


Chair:Wang, Tyng-Guey (Taiwan)

Speakers:Wang, Tyng-Guey (Taiwan)
Cheng, Chien-Hui (Taiwan)
Tseng, Wei-Cheng (Taiwan)

JSDR Sponsored Symposium

1. JST Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP) Japan-Sweden Report Meeting Food Development to Increase Independent Elderly People Live streaming VOD


Chair:Goto, Yoshikazu (Japan)
Matsuo, Koichiro (Japan)(No interpretation)

Speakers:Iijima, Katsuya (Japan)
Masuda, Yuji (Japan)
Ogawa, Kouichi (Japan)
Stading, Mats (Sweden)
Hoglund, Evelina (Sweden)
Suzuki, Kenji (Japan)

2. Asahi Group: Connect to Eat Oral management Live streaming VOD

Chair:Ohno, Tomohisa (Japan)
Kikutani, Takeshi (Japan)

Speakers:Miki, Tatsuto (Japan)
Ohno, Tomohisa (Japan)
Kikutani, Takeshi (Japan)