The 114th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology June 21(Thu)-23(Sat), 2018

To Speakers

To Speakers for Oral Presentation

All oral presentations must be presented using a computer (Digital Presentation) and should be prepared using PowerPoint.
PC Preview Desk are located at the following venue.

  • Lobby, 1F, Kobe International Exhibition Hall #1
  • Lobby, 3F, Kobe International Conference Center
  • Lobby, Main Building, B1F, Kobe Portopia Hotel

Please kindly note that:

  • You are requested to check your data to PC Preview at the venue, where you will be presenting at least 1 hour before your presentation. (It is not accepted any other venue where you will be not presenting.)
  • Please be seated in the "Next Speakers Seat" in the first row of the room at least 20 minutes before your session starts.
  • If your presentation is scheduled in the morning of the second or third day, please come to the PC Preview Desk by a day before your presentation.

Reception of presentation data

PC Preview Desk (Presentation data Check-In Desk):

Location Opening Hours
June 21 (Thu.) June 22 (Fri.) June 23 (Sat.)
  • Lobby, 1F, Kobe International Exhibition Hall #1
  • Lobby, 3F, Kobe International Conference Center
  • Lobby, Main Building, B1F, Kobe Portopia Hotel
7:30-19:30 7:30-17:40 7:30-15:00

Notes for bringing presentation data

CD-R and USB flash drive can be accepted.
Presentation data files must have been produced with Windows operating systems, such as Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 to make sure your presentation works on the PC in the venue. Also, standard fonts such as Times New Roman and Century should be used. If you wish to use Macintosh files, please convert them into files that are compatible with Windows or bring your own Macintosh computer.
If you are using video files, please bring your own PC.
If your presentation data contains sounds, please inform the staff at the PC Preview Desk.
The Congress Secretariat will be responsible for deleting the copied data after the presentation.

Notes for bringing your own laptop

The computer cable connector format is a MiniD-sub15 pin. Please bring a laptop compatible with this connector format. If your PC needs an adaptor to connect to this format, you must provide this yourself.

MiniD-sub15 pin

Please turn off screen savers or energy-saving settings in advance.
Please be sure to provide an AC adaptor for your laptop.
Please bring your laptop to the operator at the Operator Desk in the presentation room at least 20 minutes prior to your session. A laptop will be returned immediately after your presentation at the Operator Desk in each room.
Please bring CD-R or USB flash drive of your presentation for backup.

To Speakers for Poster Presentation

Please come to the Poster Room (Exhibition Room, 1F, Kobe International Exhibition Hall #1), at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
The time allowed for each poster presentation is 7 minutes with 3 minutes for Q&A.

Poster Mounting and Removal

Poster mounting June 21, (Thu.), 8:00-9:00
Removal June 23, (Sat.), 12:50-14:00

Please be sure to mount/remove your poster by yourself during the designated mounting/removal time. Once the removal time has expired, everything remaining in the venue will be disposed by the Congress Secretariat.

Guideline for Poster Preparation

Your abstract number (20 cm x 20 cm) will be posted on your assigned board by the Congress Secretariat.
Please prepare a title (20 cm x 70 cm) separate from the main poster, which should include the abstract title, the author’s name(s) and affiliation(s).
The main poster should be no larger than 160 cm x 90 cm.
Pins for putting up posters will be placed in a paper cup attached to each poster panel.

Guideline for Poster Preparation