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Program at a glance

Present Status and Future Perspectives of APSC

Evolution of APSC: Future Perspectives of APSC


01. Role of Echocardiography Before, During, and After Intervention for Structural Heart Diseases

02. Heart failure across Asia - Similarities and Disparities

03. Hypertension Guidelines and Future Practice in Asia

04. Burning Issues in ACHD in Asia

05. Evolution of Echocardiography in the Management of Heart Failure: Collaboration with the Other Specialties

06. Registration Research for Arrhythmia from Asia

07. Cutting-Edge PCI Technique in Asia

Panel Discussion

01. Targeting Comorbidities in Heart Failure

02. Imaging & Physiology-Guided Optimal PCI

03. Cutting Edge of Catheter Ablation for the Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia

04. Manifestations and Management of Late Complications in ACHD

05. Women Cardiologist in APSC

06. Renal Denervation for the Management of Resistant Hypertension in Asia

Video Live

01. Learning from Asian Experts 1: How to Bail Out from SHD Intervention Complications

02. Learning from Asian Experts 2: How to Bail Out from PCI Complications

Special Session

01. Learning from Asian Experts: Vulnerable Plaque Detection

02. Learning from Asian Experts: Asymptomatic Valvular Disease; How to Diagnose and Treat ?

03. Recent & Future Approach for Heart Failure

04. Evolution in Asia: New Approach and Findings in Coronary Artery Disease

05. Heart Transplantation in Asia

SAB Session

01. Cardiometabolic Diseases in Asia

02. Registries in the Asia-Pacific: Successes, Challenges and Opportunities

APSC Consensus Statement

02. Proposed Asian Consensus Statement for the Diagnosis and Management of Kawasaki Disease

Real World HFrEF Treatment and Guideline Recommendation

Real World HFrEF Treatment and Guideline Recommendations

Education Session

01. Learning from Asian Experts III (Evolution in Asia): Interventions for Congenital Heart Disease

02. Learning from Asian Experts I: How to Use Imaging during PCI

03. Learning from Asian Experts II: How to Use Physiology for Coronary Artery Disease

04. Evolution from APSC; Antithrombotic Treatment after PCI

05. The Role of Nurses in the Success of Heart Failure Programs (in Developing Countries)

ESC-APSC Joint Session

Collaboration between ESC and APSC; Digital Cardiology Present & Future

CSC-APSC Joint Session

Intracoronary Imaging in Asia

ISCP-APSC Joint Session

Different Pharmacokinetics in Asian People

APCMC-APSC Joint Session

Recent Advancement of Coronary Risk Management

WCC-APSC Joint Session

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention in Asia

APSC Case Competition

01. AMI

02. Vascular Disease

03. PCI

04. Cathter Ablation

05. Surgery・TAVI

06. Adult Congenital

07. Echocardiography

08. Arrhythmia

09. Heart Failure

10. ACS

11. Cardiomyopathy

12. Coronary Artery Disease

Congress Chairperson’s Office:

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Wakayama Medical University, Wakayama

Congress Secretariat:

c/o Congress Corporation
3-6-13 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0047, Japan
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