JOSKAS-JOSSM2020 - The 12th Annual Meeting of Japanese Orthopaedic Society of Knee, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine / The 46th Annual Meeting of Japanese Orthopaedic Society for and Sports Medicine

Call for Abstract

The JOSKAS-JOSSM 2020 organizing committee welcomes your abstract submission for presentation in the meeting. Submissions can be made for oral and poster presentations.

Period for Abstract Submission

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - Friday, January 24, 2020, noon (JST)

Guideline for Abstract Submission

  • The abstract text should be within 200 words (excluding the title, authors and affiliations).
  • The title text should not exceed 30 words.
  • In the title text, please use title case, except for articles, prepositions (unless at the beginning of a sentence), technical terms that should be written in lower case and words that come after a hyphen “-” .
    Ex. )Blood Lacatate Response in Middle-and long-distance High School Runners.
  • To complete submission process, all required fields must be filled in. Please fill in the fields starting at the left edge, leaving no space at the left.
  • Abstracts must contain data and meet international ethical standards. Commercial abstracts will not be accepted.
  • No chart, graphic, figure and table can be uploaded.
  • Up to 5 affiliations and 10 authors can be registered on each abstract.
  • Submitted abstracts can be re-edited and modified any of the fields until the submission deadline.
  • Presentation style is oral or poster presentation. The Congress Program Committee will determine whether the abstract will be accepted as an oral or a poster presentation.
    *Please note that you may be asked to change your presentation style for the convenience of program.
  • Submitting authors are responsible for proofreading before submission. No corrections, including adding co-authors or change of co-authors, will be allowed after the submission deadline.
  • The first author listed for each abstract must be the presenter and the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract.
  • The information you registered will be printed on the abstract book as it appears in the abstract submission system. Please be careful not to make mistakes or misspelling.


A-01. Knee:basic research
A-02. Knee:ACL
A-03. Knee:PCL
A-04. Knee:other ligamnets (combined knee ligament injury)
A-05. Knee:cartilage
A-06. Knee:meniscus
A-07. Knee:osteoarthritis
A-08. Knee:TKA
A-09. Knee:UKA
A-10. Knee:HTO or osteotomy
A-11. Knee:patellofemoral joint
A-12. Knee:overuse
A-13. Knee:tumor
A-14. Knee:osteonecrosis
A-15. Knee:others
B-01. Hip:basic research
B-02. Hip:labrum injury
B-03. Hip:FAI
B-04. Hip:osteonecrosis
B-05. Hip:cartilage
B-06. Hip:overuse
B-07. Hip:others
C-01. Foot and Ankle:basic research
C-02. Foot and Ankle:ligament injury
C-03. Foot and Ankle:osteochondaral injury
C-04. Foot and Ankle:overuse
C-05. Foot and Ankle:others
D-01. Shoulder:basic research
D-02. Shoulder:anterior instability
D-03. Shoulder:other instability
D-04. Shoulder:rotator cuff tear
D-05. Shoulder:throwing injury
D-06. Shoulder:overuse
D-07. Shoulder:reverse type arthroplasty
D-08. Shoulder:others
E-01. Elbow:basic research
E-02. Elbow:ligament injury
E-03. Elbow:osteochondral injury
E-04. Elbow:throwing injury
E-05. Elbow:osteoarthritis
E-06. Elbow:overuse
E-07. Elbow:others
F-01. Hand (including Wrist):basic research
F-02. Hand (including Wrist):carpal tunnel syndrome
F-03. Hand (including Wrist):cartilage injury
F-04. Hand (including Wrist):fracture
F-05. Hand (including Wrist):ligamnet injury
F-06. Hand (including Wrist):overuse
F-07. Hand (including Wrist):others
G-01. Spine:basic research
G-02. Spine:disc hernia
G-03. Spine:spondylosis
G-04. Spine:overuse
G-05. Spine:others
H-01. Sports:epidemiology
H-02. Sports:trauma
H-03. Sports:overuse
H-04. Sports:fatigue fracture
H-05. Sports:medical check
H-06. Sports:prevention
H-07. Sports:muscle and tendon
H-08. Sports:others

Speaker Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest(COI)

If the speaker received funding or property from a profit-oriented organization, he or she should disclose this situation to session attendees.

Acceptance Notice

Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting authors’ e-mail address in the early of March, 2020.

Abstract Submission

  • After you fill out the submission format, please send it to the secretariat of JOSKAS-JOSSM 2020
    (e-mail address:

[Congress Secretariat]

Congress Corporation
Kohsai-kaikan Bldg., 5-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8481 Japan
TEL: +81-(3)-5216-5318
   (Mon.-Fri. 10:00~18:00)
FAX: +81-(3)-5216-5552