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Accepeted Regular Abstracts
¡Accepeted Regular Abstracts
  Accepeted Regular Abstracts
¡Presentation Time
œEnglish Oral SessionFPresentation 5min/ Q&A 3min
œEnglish Poster Award/ Poster SessionFPresentation 3min/ Q&A 2min
Call for Abstracts
¡Abstract Submission Period
  Abstract submission was closed.
Thank you very much for your submission.
August 27 (Wed.) - October 15 (Wed.) Noon, 2014(JST)
    extended to 22 (Wed.) Noon, 2014(JST)
¡Abstract Submission Guidelines:
  Abstracts can only be submitted online through this congress website.
Submitted abstracts should be prepared by following instruction below.
1. Abstracts must be written in either English or Japanese.
2. The title of abstract must be limited to 30 words.
3. Charts or graphics can be included in the abstract.
4. The body of abstract without images should not exceed 400 words in length.
5. With images, the body of abstract should be limited to 270 words in length.
6. Please prepare a summary of abstract for program book within 15 words, and be sure not to repeat the abstract title.
7. After submitting the abstract, you will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your abstract within three days (exclusive of weekends and public holidays). If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact the congress secretariat. (jssr2015@congre.co.jp).
¡Abstract Submission Categories
  Submitters of abstract are able to choose in which category they would like to submit their abstracts. Abstract Submission Categories are as below.
1. Current status and problem of medical treatment approach to the intractable pain related to spinal disease
2. Current status and future of clarification of pathological condition about spinal disease
3. Current status and future view of spinal cord regeneration
œMain Themes
1. Indication and limitation of various surgical treatment for delayed myelopathy after osteoporotic vertebral collapse
2. Recent advances of functional diagnosis for spinal disease
3. Treatment strategies and these results for spinal disease of the late-stage elderly
4. Indication and selection of surgical treatment for adult kyphoscoliosis
5. Indication and limitation of minimal invasive spine surgery from the point of view of medium-and long term results
6. Surgical risk management for high risk spine surgery
7. Elucidation of natural history of spinal disease
8. Current status and problem in clinical research of ossification of spinal ligaments
9. Current status and problem in clinical research based on patient-reported outcomes including JOACMEQ and JOABPEQ
10. Recent treatment strategies and these results for metastatic spinal tumor
11. Pitfall and troubleshooting in spine surgery
œFree Paper(Oral/ Poster)
œ English Poster Award
¡Submission Page
  When submitting your abstract, please follow the guidelines given on the abstract submission form.
Once your abstract has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation by email.
You can modify your abstract online until Noon of October 22(Wed.), 2014 (JST) by logging in with your Abstract Submission Number and password. Password is very IMPORTANT. Please keep your password secure and remember it.
¡Notification of Acceptance / Rejection
  The president will respect the authorsf preference but reserves the right to assign the category and make the final decision of acceptance/rejection. Authors will be notified by e-mail in (December) whether his/her abstract has been accepted for presentation.
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