The 113th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology

JSP2024 Online Program (MICEnavi)

We have released “MICEnavi” App so that the participants can check information concerning the JSP 2024 program.

MICEnavi for App

Step 1.
Download “MICEnavi” App from Apple App Store / Google Play

Go to the Apple App Store / Google Play store on your mobile device. Type “MICEnavi” into the search bar and “MICEnavi” icon will appear. Please download and install the MICEnavi app onto your device.

Step 2.
Find the “JSP2024” in MICEnavi

Search for our congress app by typing “JSP2024” into the search bar. You will see an event come up with our JSP2024 logo. Tap on JSP2024 and download.

Compatibility For iOS version 14.0 and above
For Android version 7.0 and above


Congress Secretariat

c/o Congress Corporation

MICEnavi Technical Support

MICE One Corporation