Sponsorship Opportunities  
The Joint Meeting offers great opportunities to commercial companies and non-commercial organizations promoting your brand and showcasing new products in the field of hemorheology, biorheology and microcirculation research.

For more details, please download the Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus below:

Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus

趣意書 (日本語) はこちらからダウンロードしてください。

  Canon Medical Systems (Japan)  

TERUMO Life Science Foundation (Tokyo)
TATEISHI Science and Technology Foundation (Kyoto)
Clinical Research Promotion Foundation (Fukuoka)
NAKATANI Foundation (Tokyo)
Iketani Science and Technology Foundation (Tokyo)

Dr. Takeshi Kojima Kojima Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Yuji Yamauchi Fukuoka Urazoe Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Yumiko Sakai   Fukuoka
Dr. Shin-ichi Hiramatsu Hiramatsu Cardiovascular Clinic Ehime
Dr. Kazuhiko Aoyagi Aoyagi Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Hideki Kanaya Kanaya Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Nobuhiko Koga Koga Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Tetsuya Shoji Kaizuka Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Hiroto Inoue Inoue Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Shun-ichi Morita Morita Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Yuichi Hirota Hirota Clinic Fukuoka
Mr. Tsuyoshi Taishi Tsukasa Sokken Co, Ltd. Tokyo
Dr. Wataru Kajiyama Kajiyama Clinic Fukuoka
Mr. Sumihiro Masuda Mito Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Takuya Yoshimatsu Mito Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Hideki Okamura Okamura Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Masaru Shigematsu Shigematsu Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Morio Umeno Sawara Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Hisashi Takahashi Takahashi Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Takao Fujino Fujino Clinic Oita
Dr. Ryuichi Nagashima Nagashima Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Kazutoshi Yano Yano Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Kazuo Yamasaki Yamasaki Clinic Yamaguchi
Dr. Jun-ichi Ejima Ejima Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Masayuki Nakanishi Nakanishi Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Kazuta Nakasuga Nakasuga Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Nobuki Rikimaru Shinseikai Hospital Fukuoka
Mr. Sei-ichi Okada Pure Field Co. Ltd. Fukuoka
Dr. Shoko Morimoto Morimoto Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Toshikatsu Umemoto Koga Pharmacy Co. Ltd. Fukuoka
Dr. Takahiro Nawada Tottori Red Cross Blood Center Tottori
Dr. Yosuke Tanaka Kanenokuma Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Hisako Inoue Inoue Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Toshiie Sakata Fukuma Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Ryoichi Akimoto Akimoto Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Shuji Ishida Ishida Clinic Oita
Dr. Ryuji Tominaga Fukuoka Wajiro Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Nariyoshi Takayama Inokuchi Noma Hospital &
Tokuyama Hospital
Dr. Eiichi Oogami Harada Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Yoshisuke Fukuoka Fukuoka Clinic Fukuoka
Dr. Yoshihiko Maehara Kyushu Central Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Hiroaki Imori Kawasaki Municipal Hospital Fukuoka
Dr. Nobuaki Yoshitake Koga Central Hospital Fukuoka
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