The 88th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society

Call for Abstracts in JCS2024

Late Breaking (Clinical Trials / Cohort Studies)

Instructions for Abstract Submission for Late Breaking (clinical trials / cohort studies)

We strictly prohibit duplicated submission to the late breaking (clinical trials / cohort studies) and the regular abstract session.
When your abstracts submitted to the late breaking (clinical trials / cohort studies) are not accepted, we might offer the presentation at other sessions at JCS2024.
The meeting is to be held onsite; therefore, an online presentation is NOT available.  If you seek any financial support to attend the meeting, you may apply for Travel Grant.

1. Deadlines for Abstract Submission (Please adhere strictly to the deadlines.)

Online submission starts: Tuesday, August 1, 2023, 10:00AM (JST)
Deadline: Friday, September 22, 2023, 06:00AM (JST) Closed
Thank you for your submission.

2. Outline

Clinical Trials

“Clinical Trials” here are the medical studies for humans, and refer to the intervention trials on prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Although intervention using medical supplies or medical equipment is at the core, intervention of meals, exercises, and rehabilitation could also be included. For example, the randomized controlled trial using medicine can be included in "Clinical Trials". The prospective observational study without intervention should be applied to “Cohort Studies”.

Cohort Studies

“Cohort Studies” here refer to prospective epidemiological studies. These include prospective observational studies based on registry. * We only accept those “Clinical Trials / Cohort Studies” that will be announced for the first time at the JCS2024.

3. How to Submit Your Abstract

1) Registration Procedures

Please provide information on the background, purpose, method and design, if it is the first time to announce the abstract. It is not necessary to describe the result and / or conclusion, however, please clarify the final or the most recent number of the registered cases in your abstract.
Your abstract will not be published in any case.

2) Body of the Abstract

The body of the abstract (excluding title, author's name, and organizational affiliation) must be 250 words or less in English and in addition 20 words or less are allowed for the title. It may include one diagram, which should be in GIF or JPEG format and of 5MB or less in size. The diagram can be in either landscape or portrait orientation, which will be reduced to about 6cm x 4cm when printed. However, in case the abstract includes a diagram, the body of the abstract should be 200 words or less.

Some outstanding research among the accepted abstracts may be selected by the Editorial Committee to be published in the Circulation Journal (official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society). When you submit your abstract, you automatically agree that your abstract will be considered as applicable for selection by the Editorial Committee. Even if you decline the opportunity for publication in the Circulation Journal, it will not affect the abstract review result.

4. Conflict of Interest

When submitting an abstract, it is necessary for the Presenting Author and all the co-presenters to check whether there are conflicts of interest with a company or for-profit group related to the subject of the presentation. If there is a COI, you should disclose the status of COI within the past three years on the COI Self-Disclosure Form.
For more details, please access the abstract registration website and check whether there is a COI related to your presentation. Please also disclose your status of COI during your presentation at the annual meeting (either slide or poster presentations).
Please refer to the following Detailed Regulations for more information:
Detailed Regulations of COI

※Abstracts funded by tobacco companies

The JCS has decided to follow the recommendations of the World Medical Association and arrangements under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and will not publish research papers funded by tobacco companies (including subsidiaries) and tobacco research organizations such as the Smoking Research Foundation, in Japan and overseas.

5. Result of the Abstract Review

Notification of acceptance of your abstract will be sent to the registered e-mail address in early-December, 2023.

6. Session and Presentation Style

Details will be announced in due course.

7. Remarks

We would like to bring the matter of Conflict of Interest to your attention.
If you wish to withdraw an abstract, we will accept withdrawal requests by 2 months prior to the first day of the conference session (i.e. Tuesday January 9, 2024).
As of Wednesday, January 10, 2024, withdrawals will not be possible, since the abstract will be treated as an academic presentation/achievement by that date.

Abstract submission has been closed.
Thank you for your submission.

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