APSS-APPOS 2021 [13th Combined Meeting of Asia Pacific Spine Society & Asia Pacific Paediatric Orthopaedic Society] / APSS - APPOS 2021 will be held as a hybrid meeting. Participants will be able to attend the meeting either on-site or online.

Information for Speakers & Moderators

Live Streaming Sessions

Zoom address and ID/PW for online participation has been provided to moderators / speakers. Please kindly log in to the assigned Zoom address 1 hour at the latest before the designated time. The secretariat will individually run a connection test and microphone/ camera check for each moderator/speaker.

For those who have more than one role in the program, you have received Zoom address and ID/PW for each of the session, therefore, please kindly make sure to check each notification and access to it for the correct session each time.

Also, please find the attached “Zoom Manual”. Please review all the points in the guidance before your attendance.

On-demand Sessions

On-demand Streaming Period: June 10-30, 2021

On-demand only sessions below are available at any time throughout the meeting period on the Virtual Meeting between June 10 (Thu.) and 30 (Wed.).

  • APSS: Free Paper Presentations, APSS Fellowship Session
  • APPOS: Free Paper Presentations, Video Session

Q&A for On-demand sessions will only be available from June 10 (Thu.) - June 17 (Thu.) on the “Virtual Meeting” page.
Participants are able to post questions by using the "Post a Question" button on the viewing page.

For the speakers, you will be sent a notification email, when a questions regarding your presentation is received.
Please log-in to the Q&A page for Speakers with your LOGIN ID/PW and answer the question.

* The URL, ID and PW for the Q&A page is listed in the notification e-mail.
If you have more than one presentation, please note that a different LOGIN ID/PW for each presentation will be sent. When answering questions, please be sure to use the designated LOGIN ID/PW for each presentation.

For more details, please kindly refer to the attached “Guidance for Q&As”.

Guidance for Q&As

To find out how to ask questions to the speakers, please visit "APSS-APPOS 2021 Virtual Meeting" page.

Submission of the Presentation Data

Submission Deadline: May 13 (Thu.) (JST)

Submission page

To log-in to the submission system, following information is required

  • Submission ID*
  • Submission Password*
  • Registration No.**
* If you are not aware of Submission ID/Password, please refer to the e-mail notification titled “APSS-APPOS 2021: Request to Submit your Presentation Data” which has been sent to you on April 26 (Mon.) (JST).
** You can find your registration number in the “Congress Registration Confirmation e-mail”.
** For invited speakers, your Registration No. can be also found in above notification e-mail.

For those with multiple presentations, you have received a separate e-mail for each presentation, each with its own Login ID/Password. Please use the correct Login ID/Password for each presentation.

Presentation Data Specifications

  • Presentation Data: Presentation with audio
  • Presentation Length: 5min.
  • Presentation/Slide Language: English
  • PowerPoint Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
  • File Format: MP4
  • File Size: Up to 2GB
  • File Name: Please name your file as “Abstract no._your name”.

If you have not completed your Registration

Please visit the following URL below and complete your registration first as the registration number is required to log-in to the submission system.

Registration page

How to create your Presentation Data

If you would like to know how to create your presentation, please click Manual in English or Manual in Japanese for details.

For technical questions regarding presentation data submission, please contact

Technical Support Desk
Office Hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (JST/GMT+9), except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
E-mail: support@13apss-appos.jp

For general questions, please contact

Congress Secretariat of APSS-APPOS Congress 2021
c/o Congrès Inc.
Office Hours: 9:30 - 17:00 (JST/GMT+9), except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
E-mail: apss-appos2021@congre.co.jp