角膜カンファランス2022 Japan Cornea Conference 2022 第46回日本角膜学会総会 第38回日本角膜移植学会


Associate Professor Akira Kobayashi
Organizing Chairman, Japan Cornea Conference2022, and
Professor Masakazu Yamada,
President, Japan Cornea Society
Professor Kohji Nishida,
President, Keratoplasty Society of Japan

Re: Welcome Message from Professor Donald Tan, Secretary General, Asia Cornea Society

Dear Professors Kobayashi, Yamada and Nishida,

It gives me the greatest pleasure in congratulating the Japan Cornea Society for holding its 46th Japan Cornea Conference in February 2022, in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. 

The Japan Cornea Society (JCS) is one of the oldest corneal societies globally, and the first Japan Cornea Conference (JCC) was held in Tokyo in 1977, just only two years after the inception of the US-based Castroviejo Cornea Society (now known as the Cornea Society).  The JCS and JCC collectively serves as a major forum for the scientific discourse of corneal clinicians and scientists in the corneal and external disease fields.  Today, the JCS membership exceeds an astonishing 1200 corneal specialists, and more recently, the Asia Cornea Society (ACS) was most proud to establish a Memorandum of Understanding between JCS and ACS which was officially signed by our Presidents, on 28th April 2021, at the Opening Ceremony of the virtual ACS Biennial Scientific Meeting which was organized by our Council member, Professor Kohji Nishida, from Osaka, Japan.  It should also be noted that the Japan Cornea Conference has also been co-hosted by the Keratoplasty Society of Japan, since 1988, and I have personal memories of having a great learning experience in attending your JCC meetings in the past. 

Education in the field of cornea and external disease is so important in Asia today, as our region clearly continues to have major challenges in ocular infections, and ocular surface disorders, which results in Asia having the significant burden of corneal disease and blindness, coupled with challenges in eye banking and corneal tissue procurement.  As such, corneal surgeons in developed countries in Asia, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. must play a significant role in corneal education and research, with outreach to other Asian nations.  The Asia Cornea Society was borne out of a desire to form educational and clinical linkages and collaborations with Asian corneal surgeons from the region, and Japan's corneal surgeons continue to play a pivotal role in corneal education and research in Asia, and at a global level.  It is of course, highly telling that leading major programs in translational ocular regenerative medicine of both the corneal epithelium, and endothelium, currently come from Japan corneal scientists, and it is certainly good to hear that current JCS research programs and working groups are focusing on corneal artificial intelligence, and the development of a national bullous keratopathy survey.  It is also timely, that the Asia Cornea Society is most proud to announce that Professor Shigeru Kinoshita from Kyoto Prefectural University, has assumed the role of President of ACS, whilst my role is now the Secretary General of ACS.  With Professor Kinoshita at the helm, I am certain that ACS will continue to progress to even greater heights.

This year's JCC meeting once again holds great promise, with highly prominent, invited speakers from several continents around the globe, including the US, Germany, New Zealand, and India, and we look forward to a wonderful educational experience from these international speakers and all the other Japanese speakers at this conference.

Once again, congratulations for organizing what will be a highly memorable and informative meeting, and we look forward to many future collaborations between the Asia Cornea Society, and the Japan Cornea Society in our mutual goal of reducing corneal blindness in Asia, and beyond.

Professor Donald Tan FRCSG FRCSE FRCOphth, FAMS
Secretary General, Asia Cornea Society



親愛なる小林 顕先生 (角膜カンファランス2022会長、金沢大学附属病院眼科臨床准教授)
    山田昌和先生 (日本角膜学会会長、杏林大学医学部眼科教授)
    西田幸二先生 (日本角膜移植学会会長、大阪大学医学部眼科教授)


 日本角膜学会は世界で最も古い角膜学会の1つであり、最初の角膜カンファランスは、米国を拠点とするカストロビエホ角膜協会(現在はThe Cornea Societyとして知られている)の発足からわずか2年後の1977年に東京で開催されました。角膜カンファランスは、角膜および外眼部疾患を専門とする日本人の臨床医や研究者にとって最も重要な集会です。日本角膜学会の会員数は、今日では1200人超という驚異的な数となっております。また、ごく最近(2021年4月28日)、大阪大学眼科の西田幸二教授が主催されたアジア角膜学会総会の開会式において、アジア角膜学会と日本角膜学会の間で覚書が確立されたことを大変に誇りに思っています。また、角膜カンファランスでは1988年から日本角膜移植学会が共催しており、私も過去に角膜カンファランスに参加させていただいて、素晴らしい経験をしたことを記憶しています。注)




アジア角膜学会事務局長, Eye and Retina Surgeons (シンガポール)

注)角膜カンファランス2014(東京歯科大学眼科 島﨑潤教授が主催)に招待講演者として来日された。