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Submission Deadline

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Submission Requirements

The head author, who is also a presenting author, is asked to make abstract submission.

Submission Method

All abstracts should be submitted through the online abstract submission system. We suggest you to have enough time for abstract submission since the line may get busy for few days before the submission deadline.

Submission Process

Step 1 Click the button marked as "Online Abstract Submission System" at the bottom of this page, and access to the system.
Step 2 Click the "Registration as the head author" in Non-Members category located at the bottom of Top page, and open the registration page.
Step 3 Enter your personal information on "Create a New Account" page.
Step 4 Once the personal information registration completes, the message for completion will be shown together with your 1) ID for Abstract Submission, 2) Log-in ID, 3) Password on the screen.
Also, a confirmation email titled "My Account / Confirmation" will be sent to your registered email address. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Management Secretariat at jsco2018-abs@congre.co.jp.
Step 5 By clicking the button of "to TOP Page" at the foot of Registration Completion Page (mentioned on STEP 4 above), or by entering newly issued IDs and Password from Top page, you can confirm your personal information or enter your abstracts.
Step 6 Once the abstract registration completes, the message for completion will be shown together with your ① ID for Abstract Submission, ② Log-in ID, ③ Password on the screen. Also, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. If you do not receive a confirmation email in 30minutes, please contact the Management Secretariat at jsco2018-abs@congre.co.jp.

*For security reasons, we are not able to answer any questions about your passwords.

Presentation Style

General Abstracts

Abstract & Presentation Slides & Presentation Language: English

The presentation will be in the form of an oral or poster presentation, and it will be left to the Congress President and the Program Committee Members' discretion.

(1) Oral Presentation

  • Please make a PC-based presentation.

(2) Poster Presentation

  • Please make a paper-based poster presentation.
  • The poster will be displayed for only one day.
  • Since there is no e-Poster presentation nor browsing, a pre-submission of the poster data is not necessary.

Important Notes for Submission

  • Items marked with "*asterisk" are the required information. If you fail to complete those required information, you are not able to proceed for registration.
  • Please answer the questions in each page, including COI Disclosure, Personal Information, Agreement on Submission, and Copyright.
  • Limitation for Registration
Total number of Authors (first author and co-authors) Up to 15 authors
Total number of Affiliations Up to 15 affiliations
Total number of characters for Abstract Title English: Up to 200 characters or approx. 28 words (including spaces)
Total number of characters for Abstract Body English: Up to 2,000 characters or approx. 290 words (including spaces)
Presentation Language English

Disclosure of COI (Conflict of Interest)

Industry-academic collaborative clinical oncology research entails benefits to society (public interest) from the fruits of discharging academic and ethical responsibility, as well as money, status, rights, and other benefits (private interest) acquired attendant on industry-academic collaboration. When these two types of benefit are in conflict within an individual researcher, it is called a “conflict of interest.” The occurrence of conflict of interest is unavoidable in today’s complex social activities, and legal restrictions apply to certain activities.

From JSCO Annual Meeting in 2007, Clinical Oncology Research Conflict of Interest Policy was established, and in order to secure the fairness of the presentations for clinical research at Annual Meetings, conflicts of interest that presenting authors are obligated to disclose the COI status from 2008. Moreover, the guideline enforced from April, 2013, which is called "Oncology Research Conflict of Interest Policy "and it applies not only for clinical research, but also all medical studies including bioscience research, basic medical research, clinical trials.

Matters for which disclosure is required shall be matters that occur from two year before abstract submission to the time of presentation; it is provided. Please refer to the COI page on Online Abstract Submission system for details, and mark the boxes which match with your status. The amounts for which self-declaration is required are prescribed for each matter requiring disclosure as follows. Presenting authors who are officers or advisors of companies or for-profit organizations, or the profit from sales of stock, or patent royalties or licensing fees from companies are 1 million yen or more. Honoraria (such as lecture fees) or report manuscript fees paid by a company are 500,000 yen or more. Report research funding is 1,000,000 yen or more. For more details about COI, please refer to JSCO Website.

Please download the COI disclosure PDF sample.

COI Disclosure Sample Form (PDF)


(1) Speciality

1 Internal medicine
2 Surgery
3 Obstetrics & Gynecology
4 Radiology
5 Urology
6 Orthopedics
7 Oral surgery
8 Ophthalmology
9 Otolaryngology
10 Dermatology
11 Pediatric
12 Anesthesiology
13 Neurosurgery
14 Plastic surgery
15 Basic medicine
16 Clinical pathology
17 Neuropsychiatry
18 Palliative medicine
19 Pharmacology
20 Nursing

(2) Areas of Research : Classified by Organ, etc.

1 Pediatrics
2 Neurologic
3 Eyes
4 Oral Cavity
5 Head and Neck
6 Breast
7 Esophagus
8 Stomach / Duodenum
9 Small / Large Intestine
10 GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor)
11 Liver
12 Gallbladder / Biliary Tract
13 Pancreas
14 Lung / Mediastinum/Pleura
15 Uterus
16 Ovary
17 Kidney /Urinary Tract / Bladder
18 Prostate / Male Genital
19 Endocrine
20 Skin
21 Bone and Soft Tissue
22 Hematopoietic Organs / Lymphatic System
23 NET (Neuroendocrine Tumor)
24 Others

(3) Technique

1 Epidemiology and Prevention
2 Pathology
3 Basic Oncology
4 Genomic Gene
5 Tumor Immunity
6 Diagnosis
7 Genetic Diagnosis
8 Imaging
9 Sensitivity Test
10 Biomarkers
11 Translational Research
12 Clinical Trial
13 Endoscopic Treatment
14 Surgical Techniques
15 Endoscopic Surgery
16 Chemical Treatment
17 Targeted Therapy
18 Endocrine Hormone Therapy
19 Immunotherapy
20 Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
21 Gene Therapy
22 Radiation Therapy
23 IVR (Interventional radiology)
24 Topical Therapy
25 Intensive Treatment
26 Supportive Therapy
27 Palliative Therapy
28 QOL
29 Team Medical Care
30 Cancer Nursing
31 Rehabilitation
32 Patient Support
33 Regional Collaboration
34 Health Economics
35 Health Policy
36 Medical Equipment and Medical Engineering

Excellent Abstracts & Best Abstracts Awards

The Congress President and the Program Committee will select excellent abstracts from the submitted general abstracts. The best abstracts will then be chosen from those selected abstracts. The head authors of the best abstracts are requested to make an oral presentation at the Plenary Session either in English.

  • The Congress President and the Program Committee will select excellent abstracts by thoroughly reviewing the submitted general abstracts.
  • The excellent abstracts will be posted on the JSCO website.
    On the page for public: Authors' name, affiliation and abstract
    On the page for JSCO members: Authors' name, affiliation, abstract and presentation slides

Result of Abstract Acceptance & Program Allocation

The presentation style will be decided by the Congress President and the Program Committee Members. Please kindly note that we sometimes may not be able to meet your preference.

Notification for Acceptance/Rejection of Abstracts, Presentation Style & Date/Time

The notification of the abstracts result, presentation style, date and time will be sent to the head authors' registered email address from the Management Secretariat (jsco2018-abs@congre.co.jp) at the end of July.

Copyright of Accepted Abstracts

The copyright of all accepted abstracts will be transferred to FACO and JSCO.

Online Abstract Submission System

Click the button below to start your abstract submission from JSCO Abstract Submission System. Please note in advance that you are not able to save the data in middle of the submission procedure.

Online Abstract Submission System

Inquiries for Abstract Submission

c/o Congress Corporation
5-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8481, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5216-5318   FAX: +81-3-5216-5552
E-mail: jsco2018-abs@congre.co.jp

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