Congress Venue

Easy International Access

Located on the main Shinkansen(Bullet Train) Line, Kyoto is directly accessible from NARITA(Tokyo) , HANEDA(Tokyo) , Centrair(Nagoya) and KANSAI(Osaka) International Airports.

Access Map

Access by train

From Tokyo,
Shinagawa and Nagoya
(JR Tokaido Shinkansen)
JR Kyoto station Subway:
Karasuma Line
(From Kyoto station, 20min.;
From Shinjo station, 16min.)
ICC Kyoto
(Kokusaikaikan Station)
Kyushu and
(JR Sanyo Shinkansen)
From Osaka
and Kobe
(JR kyoto Line)
(Hankyu kyoto Line)
Karasuma station
(Keihan Main Line)
Sanjo station Subway:
Tozai Line & Karasuma Line
(From Sanjokeihan st, about 20min.)

Access by air

International Airport
JR Haruka Airport
JR Kyoto station Subway:
Karasuma Line
ICC Kyoto
(Kokusaikaikan Station)
International Airport(Itami)
Limousine bus
(approx, 55min.)
International Airport(Nagoya)
Meitetsu Express
JR Shinkansen

Access by road

Meishin Expressway

Take the Kyoto South or Kyoto East exit and fllow the signs to "Kyoto International Confarense Center."

ICC Kyoto
(Kokusaikaikan Station)

Approximate Flight Times to Japan

From Asia
Bangkok [ 5hrs ]
Beijing [ 1.5hrs ]
Busan [ 1hr ]
Hong Kong [ 3hrs ]
Kuala Lumpur [ 6hrs ]
Manila [ 4hrs ]
New Delhi [ 8hrs ]
Seoul [ 1.5hrs ]
Shanghai [ 1.5hrs ]
Singapore [ 6hrs ]
Taipei [ 2hrs ]
From Oceania
Christchurch [ 12hrs ]
Sydney [ 10hrs ]
From Europe
Amsterdam [ 12hrs ]
Frankfurt [ 10hrs ]
London [ 11hrs ]
Moscow [ 8hrs ]
Paris [ 11hrs ]
Rome [ 11hrs ]
From Africa
Cairo [ 11hrs ]
Johannesburg (via Hong Kong) [ 17hrs ]
From Canada
Toronto [ 13hrs ]
Vancouver [ 8hrs ]
From USA
Chicago [ 13hrs ]
Los Angeles [ 11hrs ]
New York [ 13hrs ]
Seattle [ 11hrs ]
Washington DC [ 13hrs ]
From South America
Sao Paulo (via LA) [ 22hrs ]

From Airport to our Doorstep

Sightseeing Map in Kyoto
There are a vast array of Kyoto attractions including traditional sights such as temples, shrines and gardens.
Kyoto City Map & Hotels
The modern Kyoto Station serves as a link between Kyoto and the rest of the country.
Subway Line
The Kyoto City Subway system is easy to navigate, and is convenient for commuting from hotel to the Conference Center.
ICC Kyoto Area Map
A fully covered wheelchair-friendly tunnel and walkway stretches from the subway to the Conference Center's front doors.

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