Featured Program

The organizers have selected excellent abstracts from the submitted general abstracts as Featured Abstract/Featured Poster/Featured Case Report. The awards ceremony will be held during the get together party.

Get together Party

Date and time:
19:00-21:00, June 1(Fri.)
B1F, Palais Royal, Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
Participation Fee:
3,000 JPY

If you would like to join the party, please pay the participation fee (3,000 JPY) at registration desk aside from the registration fee.

We look forward to having you join us!

Featured Abstract

Oral Session

10:30-11:50, Friday, June 1, Room 1 (Palais Royal A)

Search results in superselective cTACE with 3D-safety margin versus RFA for solitary small HCC
Takeshi Matsumoto
Nara Medical University, Nara, Japan
TGF- β1 blockade does not enhance immunomodulatory benefit of partial IRE in murine bladder tumor
Eisuke Ueshima
Department of Radiology and Center for Endovascular Therapy, Kobe University Hospital, Kobe, Japan
Internal Coil Packing of Amplatzer Vascular Plug: Experimental and Clinical Experiences
Masamichi Koganemaru
Department of Radiology, Kurume University School of Medicine, Fukuoka, Japan
B-RTO using 5% EOI mixing gelatin sponge particles for gastric varices
Atsushi Jogo
Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine. Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Transvenous ablation system of adrenal tumor: a preliminary experimental study
Hiroyuki Sakakibara
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan
Risk Factors Predicting Stent Malfunction for Iliocaval Venous Occlusive Disease
Masayuki Endo
Department of Radiology, Tottori University, Tottori, Japan
A Phase II Clinical Trial of Vascular Embolization with Mixture of NBCA-Lipiodol (JIVROSG-0802)
Akira Kitagawa
The Department of Radiology, Aichi Medical University, Aichi, Japan
Experimental study on expansion rate and specific gravity of casts made from N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate
Hiroki Kobayashi
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Tokai University School of Medicine


Featured Poster

Oral Session

16:00-17:00, Thursday, May 31, Room 3 (Châtelet)

Experience of RADPLAT for maxillary cancer-consideration on its limitation and usefulness
Mika Kamiya
Department of Radiology, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan
Evaluation of the origin of the last normal branch from feeding artery of the pulmonary AVMs
Miyuki Maruno
Department of Radiology, Oita University Faculty of Medicine, Yufu, Japan
Trans Arterial Embolization using Embosphere in Treatment of Multiple Liver Metastases from NET
Akiyoshi Yamashita
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan
Real time CT guided oblique puncture with 'direct MPR' for liver RFA combined with TACE
Rui Sato
Division of Interventional Radiology, Shizuoka Cancer Center
Safety of Embolization of Pseudoaneurysms after Partial Nephrectomy: Review of 52 cases
Yuka Matsuzaki
School of Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical University
Image-guided percutaneous adrenal biopsy: review of a 10-year experience
Tetsuya Hasegawa
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, National Cancer Center, Tokyo, Japan
2D-shear wave elastography in the evaluation of endoleak after stent-graft treatment of AAA
Yuya Bando
Department of Radiology, Konan Kosei Hospital, Aichi, Japan
Usefulness of Coagulation Biomarkers to Detect Arterial Extravasation in Stable Pelvic Fractures
Makoto Aoki
Department of Emergency Medicine, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Maebashi, Japan
Evaluation of usefulness of fatty tissue as an embolic material: A basic investigative animal study
Kai Takaki
Department of Radiology, Shiga University of Medical Science
The efficacy of lymph node embolization using N-butyl cyanoacrylate compared to ethanol sclerotherapy in the management of symptomatic lymphoceles after pelvic surgery
Jeong-Eun Kim
Hallym University Medical Center


Featured Case Report

A case of trans-arterial embolization with N-butyl cyanoacrylate for suppurative parotitis
Shusuke Kasuya
Department of Radiology, Toho University Sakura Hospital, Japan
Non-operative management of primary racemose hemangioma of bronchial artery by TAE
Osamu Ikeda
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan
RFA of HCC combined with percutaneous portal vein occlusion using a balloon catheter
Daisuke Kato
Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Hokkaido University Hospital, Hokkaido, Japan
Percutaneous transhepatic portal vein embolization with NBCA-Lipiodol-Ethanol and vascular plug
Akira Ikoma
Dept. of Radiology, Wakayama Medical University, Wakayama, Japan
Unconventional vascular access in patients on long-term hemodialysis
Edward Y.L. Chu
Department of Radiology, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong
Transarterial embolization and transmucosal sclerotherapy for fast flow AVM of tongue base
Munemasa Okada
Department of Radiology, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine
Emergency Embolization with NBCA of Pancreatic Arteriovenous Malformation: A case report
Keita Nakayama
Department of Radiology, Toyokawa City Hospital, Toyokawa, Aichi, Japan
An Embolization of arteriovenous fistula caused by breast tumor biopsy using B-Glue technique
Naruki Mizobuchi
Department of Radiology, Division of Radiology, Showa University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
Percutaneous aspiration embolectomy using the Penumbra 5MAX ACE for acute mesenteric ischemia
Masatugu Kawano
Department of Radiology, Miyakonojo Medical Association Hospital, Miyakonojo, Japan


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