Launching Genomic Medicine into Clinical Practice ― Novel, Challenge and Change ―   JSMO2019 2019 the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting  July 18-20, 2019

Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto   Congress President: Yasuhiro Fujiwara National Cancer Center Hospital, Japan

Information for Chairs and Speakers

For Poster Presenters for JSMO2019

Please prepare your poster as instructed below.

For your reference the tentative schedule are as follows.

【Tentative Time Line】
July 18 (Thu.) July 19 (Fri.) July 20 (Sat.)
Putting up posters 8:00-9:00 8:00-9:00 8:00-9:00
Poster display 9:00-17:40 9:00-18:20 9:00-17:30
Poster presentation 12:40-13:30 12:40-13:30 12:30-13:20
Poster removal 17:40-18:40 18:20-19:20 17:30-18:30
  • Pins for putting up posters and ribbon for the presenters are prepared in front of the poster board.
  • The poster panel size is 210cm × 90cm.

    Abstract number on the upper left corner will be prepared by the secretariat.

    Abstract title, presenter’s name and affiliation (70cm × 20cm) should be prepared by the presenter.

  • Presenters must disclose applicable COI (Conflict of Interest) of your presentation.

    Please download the COI slide template and display on the lower right corner of the panel.

  • Presenters should come to the poster room at least 10 minutes prior to the session.

    Allocated time is 3 minutes presentation and 2 minutes discussion.

    Please be punctual and follow the chair’s directions.

  • It is the presenter’s responsibility to remove the posters. Secretariat will dispose of any posters that are left behind after the poster removal time.
Display Position of COI

Annals of Oncology for JSMO2019

5,000JPY is required if you wish to have your poster abstract published in ESMO/JSMO Scientific Journal, supplement to "Annals of Oncology" (Oxford University Press). Please note that it is not included in registration fee. The payment method will be sent by email in middle June to the author who applied for publication at abstract submission.