JapaneseThe 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine / The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology

Call for Abstracts/The 63rd Annual Meeting of the
Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine

Call for Abstracts

Period of submission

Wednesday, 22nd March, 2023 - Wednesday, 26th April, 2023
Wednesday, 10th May, 2023
Abstract Submission has been closed.

Guideline for abstract submission


The first presenter should be the member of JSNM.
Non JSNM member is required to apply for membership.

Abstract submission

Abstract should be submitted by UMIN online registration.
Please note that submission by email or post mail is not acceptable.

Abstract format

The number of author
(Presenter & co-author)
Assigned institution Text limit
Up to 11 persons Up to 10 institutions English (in single-byte)
Title: within 90 characters
Abstract: within 900 characters
  • Abstracts should contain TEXT ONLY (no Tables, Figures, Graphs).
  • Abstract is NOT allowed to exceed the text limit.
  • Abstract should be documented starting with purpose, procedure, result, and finishing with conclusion.

Application categories

How to register

Please note that Free paper is limited to oral presentations only.
If it is difficult to make a presentation on site on the day of the exhibition, we will ask you to submit slide data with audio in advance.

* Case reports should be registered to “free papers”.
* Registration for specific theme is opened after the closing of general theme.
* The submission of the abstract for the invited lecturers or symposium speakers will be informed later.

Category for application


  1. Please take ethical consideration.
  2. To protect the privacy of patient and examinee, please pay attention to the following points.

    (a) Do not describe the name, patient number, initials or code name that individuals can be identified.

    (b) The year and the month are allowed to be specified as the time factor, only in the case that the individual is guaranteed NOT to be identified.

    (c) If the patients are receiving diagnosis or treatment at another hospital, do not describe the name of the facility and the location.

    (d) If the individuals can be identified by combined information e.g. date of operation or hospital, describe the ages as following.
    Ex) 40-44 years old: early forties, 45-49 years old: late forties

  3. Please do not use the company name or phrases that can identify the specific company in the abstract title. (Equipment or software having a registered trademark etc.)
  4. Please make sure to confirm your email address and the setting to receive the email from us. You will receive an automatic reply when you complete your abstract submission and amendment. In case you do not receive any reply within a few days, please contact the congress secretariat (jsnm-jsnmt2023@congre.co.jp). We highly recommend to confirm your abstract submission on online page after online uploading.
  5. The abstract number and the password published after uploading are expected to be kept carefully, as they are required when you modify your abstract / contact the congress secretariat regarding the abstract issue. Please confirm if the uploading is successful by logging-in the "Check & Modify" page with your abstract number and password.
  6. The result of abstract selection and schedule of presentation will be announced via email after mid - July.

Conflicts of interest

Disclosure of any possible conflicts of interest (COI) is required. Please refer to the link below for the details on the principle for conflicts of interest.


Abstract submission link


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E-mail: jsnm-jsnmt2023@congre.co.jp

Due to COVID-19, we are following the government advice to work from home.
Please contact us by e-mail.
(Please do not call us as we are not in the office.)