Information for Moderators and Speakers (Participants from abroad)

Information for Moderators and Speakers

Guidelines for Oral Presenters

  1. All presenters are required to seat in the designated “next presenters' seat” at least 10 minutes prior to your session.
  2. Please refer to the allocated time for each session:
    Session Time for
    Time for
    Q & A
    Invited Lecture 60 minutes -
    English Presentation Award 5 minutes 3 minutes
    Oral Session 5 minutes 3 minutes
  3. Your punctuality would be highly appreciated.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure

Please disclose any COI during the past 1 year at the time of registration and the day of presentation.

All presenters are required to show a slide disclosing any potential COI on the slide following a title slide.

Poster session presenters must indicate COI on the lower right corner of the poster.

【COI disclosed】

【No COI disclosed】

PC/Data Preview

  1. Presentation PC/data previews are located at the following:
    • 1F, PACIFICO Yokohama Conference Center

    Please check your data before your presentation.

    DateOpening hours
    April 18 (Thu)7:00-18:00
    April 19 (Fri)7:00-19:00
    April 20 (Sat)7:00-11:30
  2. Please registrar and check your presentation data at the PC Center at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation.
  3. If you are bringing CD-R, USB memory, please hand it to the operator to save the data on a server. The secretariat will be responsible to delete the data after your presentation.
  4. For those who will be presenting in early morning sessions, please register your data by a day before your presentation.

Using Your Own Laptop for Presentation

  1. Please bring your presentation data on a CD-R, USB memory, or on a laptop.
    • *MS PowerPoint is the only application accepted on our computers.
    • *Macintosh users should bring your own laptop. Data made on Macintosh computers cannot be played. (When using your own laptop, you could use either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.)
    • *If video is included in your presentation data, we recommend using your own laptop. (Sounds will not be played.)
  2. Please adhere to the allocated presentation time.
  3. Please follow the Moderator’s lead.

Precaution for Bringing Data

  1. All the equipment is compatible with Windows10.
    It is not compatible with Macintosh.
  2. Windows PowerPoint2010/2013/2016 are acceptable.
  3. Please use standard fonts, such as, MS Gothic, Century, and Times New Roman.
  4. If you are using video data, we recommend using your own laptop.
  5. If video is included in your presentation data, Windows Media Player is only available. Linked data should be saved and checked properly in advance.
  6. In order to present the data properly at your presentation, please check your data on a different computer.
  7. There should be only your presentation data saved on your media.
  8. Please check your data with Virus Scanner.
  9. Please bring a back-up data.

Precaution for Bringing Your Own Laptop

  1. Please unlock the password, screensaver, and reset power-saving mode of your laptop in advance.
  2. The output connector for Macintosh, “Mini D-sub 15 pin” will be available.

    The image resolution is XGA (1024x768).
    Please bring your laptop’s AC adapter.

  3. Please make sure to prepare a back-up data outside your computer.
  4. After reviewing your data at PC Preview, please bring your laptop to the Computer Operation Desk 30 minutes before your presentation. The Computer Operation Desk is located at the left front side of your session room.

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

  1. You will have a presenter ribbon and pins to put posters on a poster board.
  2. Presenters must be at the Poster area at least 10 minutes prior to the sessions.
  3. The presentation will be 3 minutes, with additional 2 minutes for discussion.
    Please be punctual and follow the chairperson’s lead.
  4. The poster panel measures 90 cm by 180 cm.
    The panel will indicate the program number on the upper left corner.
    Please put your name and affiliation in the frame of 70 cm by 20 cm horizontally.
  5. Please remove your poster after presentation. The secretariat will dispose any remained posters after 13:30 of April 20.
Poster Mount Poster Removal
April 18 (Thu)
8:00 – 11:00
April 20 (Sat)
12:00 – 13:30



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