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Program Information

Given the world-wide outbreak of Covid-19, the 7th International Congress of Multiple System Atrophy will be held as a hybrid design: Keynote Lectures presented by “online”, and the other oral and poster presentations will be given by “on demand” style.

Lectures will be given in two days.
Tentative schedule: Feb 26 (Fri) – 27 (Sat), 2021

Due to the time difference among Europe, North America and Japan, 2.5 hours for each day seems to be the target time frame.

“Online (Live)” Program

Day 1- Feb 26 (Fri)

USA (EST): 6:00-8:10

Welcome Addresses

Tokyo: 20:00-20:05

Dr. Nobuyuki Miyasaka
Director, Japan Intractable Diseases Research Foundation
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Lectures: “online” with ZOOM.

20 minutes lecture + 5 minutes discussion
5 speakers

Chair: Shoji Tsuji (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Ronald Melki (Paris): (Tokyo: 20:05-20:30, Paris Feb. 26: 12:05-12:30)
Pathogenicity of α-synuclein strains: The pasta story

Horacio Kaufmann (New York) (Tokyo: 20:30-20:55, New York Feb. 26: 06:30-06:55)
The natural history study of α-synucleinopathies

Iva Stankovic (Blegrade) and Gregor K. Wenning (Innsbruck) (Tokyo: 20:55-21:20, Innsbruck: Feb. 26: 12:55-13:20)
The clinical diagnosis of MSA: How good are we?

Maria Teresa Pellecchia (Salerno) (Tokyo: 21:20-21:45, Salerno: Feb. 26: 13:20-13:45)

Werner Poewe (Innsbruck) (Tokyo: 21:45-22:10, Innsbruck: Feb. 26: 13:45-14:10)
Disease-Modification Trials in MSA: Widening the Bottleneck

Day 2- Feb 27 (Sat)

USA (EST): 6:00-7:40

Presidential lecture

Chair: Gregor Karl Wenning (Medical University Innsbruck (MUI), Austria)

Shoji Tsuji (Tokyo) (Tokyo: 20:00-20:25, Innsbruck: Feb. 27: 12:00-12:25)
Molecular Genetics of MSA


Chair: Gregor Karl Wenning (Medical University Innsbruck (MUI), Austria)

Klaus Seppi (Innsbruck) (Tokyo: 20:25-20:50, Innsbruck: Feb. 27: 12:25-12:50)
Symptomatic care in MSA: state of the art

Wolfgang Singer (Rochester) (Tokyo: 20:50-21:15, Rochester Feb. 27: 05:50-06:15)
Intrathecal Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Multiple System Atrophy

Vikram Khurana (Boston) (Tokyo: 21:15-21:40, Boston Feb. 27: 07:15-07:40)
Tractable human stem-cell models for alpha-synucleinopathies

Cynthia Roemer1 and Pam Bower2 (1. Chair, MSA Coalition Board of Directors, 2. Secretary, MSA Coalition Board of Directors, Chair, MSA Coalition Research Committee) (Tokyo: 21:40-22:00, Boston Feb. 27: 07:40-08:00)
MSA Advocacy & Research Directions

Closing Remakes

Gregor Karl Wenning
Medical University Innsbruck (MUI), Austria

Virtual Program (VOD (Video on demand))

February 26, (Fri.) 20:00 (JST) - March 15, (Mon.) 12:00 (JST),2021
20 min oral presentation for each

Session 1: Diagnostic consensus and natural history

  1. Giovanna Calandra/ Pietro Cortelli (Bologna): Stridor: the Bologna consensus
  2. Iva Stankovic (Innsbruck): Critique of the revised consensus criteria
  3. Jun Mitsui (Tokyo, Japan): A longitudinal cohort study based on MSA registry in Japan
  4. Thomas Klockgether (Bonn): Late onset ataxias in Europe: the SPARTAX cohort

Session 2: Clinical aspects

  1. Ryuji Sakakibara (Sakura, Japan): Urogenital failure in MSA
  2. Alessandra Fanciulli (Innsbruck): Cardiovascular autonomic failure in multiple system atrophy.
  3. Johannes Levin (Munich): Movement disorders in MSA
  4. Takayoshi Shimohata (Gifu, Japan): Sleep-related breathing disorder and sudden death in MSA

Session 3: Neuropathology

  1. Antonio Heras-Garvin (Innsbruck): Additional neuropathological findings in MSA
  2. Elizabeth Coon (Rochester): Pathology of Pure Autonomic Failure & Predictors of Phenoconversion
  3. Glenda Halliday (Sydney): Is MSA prion-like or a prion disease?
  4. Yasuo Miki (Queen Square, Hirosaki, Japan): Hippocampal α-synuclein pathology correlates with memory impairment in multiple system atrophy

Session 4: Neuroimaging

  1. Florian Krismer (Innsbruck): Magnetic resonance imaging in multiple system atrophy
  2. David Eidelberg (New York): PET
  3. Makoto Higuchi (Chiba, Japan): PET study on -synuclein accumulation
  4. Aurelija Jucaite (Astra Zeneca PET research team at Karolinska in Sweden): Glia imaging in MSA

Session 5: Neurobiology

  1. Nadia Stefanova (Innsbruck): Why are the classical mouse models still important?
  2. Jeffrey Kordower (Chicago): Rodent and nonhuman primate models of Multiple System Atrophy
  3. Masato Haegawa (Tokyo, Japan): Neurobiology of synucleinopathies
  4. Tatsushi Toda (Tokyo, Japan): Wide distribution of α-synuclein oligomers in MSA brain

Session 6: Biomarkers

  1. Roy Freeman (Boston): Skin biopsies in MSA - the Boston experience
  2. Takahiko Tokuda (Kyoto, Japan): Blood-based biomarkers for MSA
  3. Nobutaka Hattori (Tokyo, Japan): Biomarkers for Synucleinopathies

Session 7: Neurogenetics

  1. Henry Houlden (London, UK): G51D SNCA mutation: mimic or causative?
  2. Sonia Scholz (NIH, USA): Whole-Genome Sequencing in Multiple System Atrophy: An Update

Session 8: Clinical Trials

  1. Phil Hyu Lee (Seoul, Korea): Stem cell therapy in MSA Mesenchymal stem cells as a MULTITAGET dieasemodifying strategy in MSA
  2. Wassilios Meissner (Bordeaux): Current status on treatments targeting α-synuclein for treating MSA

Oral presentations will be delivered by VOD (Video on Demand) for a limited period

February 26, (Fri.) 20:00 (JST) - March 15, (Mon.) 12:00 (JST), 2021
Discussions will be made on the Internet Bulletin Board

Poster presentation will be viewed for a limited period

February 26, (Fri.) 20:00 (JST) - March 15, (Mon.) 12:00 (JST), 2021
Discussions will be actively made on the Internet Bulletin Board.

We hope hot discussions will be made on the Internet Bulletin Board.