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About ACS2020 Virtual Meeting

Viewing Period

Live Streaming
April 28 (Wed.) to April 29 (Thu.), 2021
Thank you for your participation to ACS2020 Live Streaming Sessions.

On-demand Streaming
April 29 (Thu.) to July 30 (Fri.), 2021

System Requirements

An Internet connection is required.
OS: ・Windows 7 or later
      ・MacOS 10.9 or later

Internet Explorer 10 or later
Microsoft Edge (latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
Safari (latest version)
Google Chrome (latest version)

How to Join ACS2020 Virtual Meeting

How to Watch the Sponsored Seminars &Access the Virtual Exhibition

(for Japanese participants only)

FAQ about the virtual meeting

■ How to Join ACS2020 Virtual Meeting

Please register and pay the registration fee from registration site to participate in ACS2020 Virtual Meeting.

● Login the ACS2020 Virtual Meeting Website

Access the ACS2020 Virtual Meeting website and enter your Web ID and Web Password to log in.
When logging in for the first time, you will be asked to enter your name and email address.

A Web ID (a five-digit number) and a Web Password (nine-digit alphanumeric characters prefixed with “acs”) required for watching streams are assigned to those who completed the participation registration.

(for Japanese participants only)

● How to watch On-demand streaming

Click “On-demand Streaming” at the top of the ACS2020 Virtual Meeting website.
To watch a stream, select a venue or a program from PROGRAM AT A GLANCE.
Each session will be uploaded to the on-demand streaming website within 24 hours after the end of live streaming.

■ How to Watch the Sponsored Seminars &Access the Virtual Exhibition

● How to watch streams of sponsored seminars
All sponsored seminars will be streamed live. However, the on-demand streaming period varies depending on the seminar. Refer to the “list of sponsored seminars” below.

List of sponsored seminars [PDF]

● Virtual Exhibition
A Virtual Exhibition will be concurrently held on the streaming website. Click “EXHIBITION” on the menu screen to enter the exhibition.
The exhibition page of each company will contain documents (PDF) and promotional videos of exhibited products.
It will also include an electronic form to directly contact exhibiting companies and a business card exchange function. Participants are invited to use these functions.

(for Japanese participants only)



  1. ライブ配信期間
     4月28日(水)に視聴                              3単位
     4月29日(木・祝)に視聴                        3単位
  2. オンデマンド期間(ただし、4月29日(木・祝)~5月28日(金) の期間の視聴のみを単位認定とし、5月29日(土)以降は視聴されても単位認定されません
     4月28日(水)のプログラムを視聴            2単位
     4月29日(木・祝)のプログラムを視聴      2単位

 ※オンデマンド配信のみしか視聴していない分は「2)オンデマンド配信」の単位数が付与されます。  ※WEB開催終了後、単位登録受付の手続きが完了しましたら、取得条件を満たした方には単位受付


Q: Can anyone watch streams of the virtual meeting?
A: No. Only those who complete participation registration for ACS 2020 can watch streams.

Q: How can I get a receipt and participation certificate?
A: A receipt and participation certificate can be downloaded from My Page at: https://reg.conreg.jp/acs2020/mye.

Q: Where can I find abstracts on the website?
A: Abstracts are accessible from the top page of the ACS 2020 website (http://www.congre.co.jp/acs2020/). The password to access the abstracts has been notified by an email from the secretariat.

Q: The videos do not stream (played) smoothly.
A: Problems such as dropped frames may be caused by the performance of the PC used for watching streams and the Internet connection speed. Use the following browsers to test streaming.
Recommended browsers:

Google Chrome (latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
Microsoft Edge (latest version)
Safari (latest version)
Internet Explorer 10 or later

Cache data that accumulates in a browser may cause problems when watching streams.
How to clear the browser cache (* links to external websites)
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer
● Contact information about watching streams
    Congress Secretariat: acs2020@congre.co.jp

Q: The system requested a password. What should I enter?
A: When you log in to the streaming website for the first time, enter your Web ID and Web Password.

Q: How do I receive my Web ID and Web Password?
A: The ID and password are notified to those who completed participation registration by an email to confirm participation.

(for Japanese participants only)

ACS2020 Virtual Meeting Website