Call for abstracts

Noon(JST), Thursday 30th April 2020
Noon(JST), Thursday 7th May 2020
Noon(JST), Thursday 14th May 2020
Noon(JST), Thursday 21st May 2020

Abstract submission is closed.

Abstract Submission

The Scientific Program Committee welcomes the submission of your abstract. Abstracts will be presented in one of the following formats:

(a) Oral
(b) Poster

You are to select either an oral presentation or a poster presentation, however, the final selection of the presentation style is to be determined by the organizer. By submitting your abstract, you are obliged to be available to present it depending on the outcome of the peer review.

At the 33rd Annual meeting of JASTRO, your presentation(s) will be recorded in electronic media formats as a precautionary measure against impact of any natural disaster etc.. Also, those recordings may be distributed to registrants (to be pre-registered) on JASTRO2020’s website.

Further details will be announced later but we are aiming to provide a distribution system which features the most advanced function.

We would appreciate your kind understanding and sincerely hope that you can prepare for a presentation at ease.

Type of Abstracts

  1. Requested Papers <Session Title: Research Front 1~3>(Oral Presentation Only)
  2. Free Papers(Oral Presentation)
  3. Free Papers(Poster Presentation)

1.Requested Papers

* Requested Papers <Session Title: Research Front 1~3>

‘Research Front’ is the scientific session in English for clinicians, researchers, and graduate students who are working or interested in the cutting-edge research relating to Radiation Oncology. Adding to the Invited lectures by distinguished speakers, excellent abstract will be selected from open applicant for the ‘requested papers’. The abstract should be written in English and the speakers are requested to present them in English.
There will be three sessions. Each applicant should select a session to which they want to apply. All attendees of JASTRO are welcome to ask questions in either Japanese or English in a face-to-face discussion to the distinguished speakers since the chairmen will translate.

No Session Category Session Title(tentative)
1 Research Front 1 Normal Tissue Protection / Translational Research
2 Research Front 2 For the Improvement of Radiotherapy; Biological Point of View
3 Research Front 3 Selection of Radiotherapy Technology and Fractionation Schedule based on Dose Disbribution

2.Free Papers (Oral Presentation ) and 3. Free Papers (Poster Presentation )

Clinical Oncology
1 Primary tumor
2 Metastatic tumor
3 Clinical Outcome in General
4 Supportive care/Nursing
5 Others
Bimedical Science and Engineering
6 Biological Experiment/cell, animal
7 Biophysical Modeling
8 Medical Physics, Dosimetry, Technology
9 Data Analysis of Human Data (not oncological outcome)
10 Medical Informatics and others

If the abstract applied to the ‘requested papers’ are not selected in the ‘Research Front’, the abstract will be reviewed as one of the free papers for oral presentation. We expect many applications from researchers from all over the world.

Guidelines for submission of abstracts

Title of Abstract

Title should be less than 100 characters in English.


Abstracts should not exceed 1250 characters including space in length, in English.
* You are not allowed to attach any charts or graphs to your abstract.

Abstract Format

Your abstract is expected to be submitted with WORD format available from below. Please kindly note that this format should not be converted into PDF when being submitted.

Please send your abstract to :


JASTRO2020 will offer a fellowship to clinicians, researchers, and graduate students who do or do not reside in Japan. Selection will be based on the academic merit of your submissions.
The JASRO2020 fellowship provides ¥100,000 ( Japanese Yen ) to cover a part of travel expenses for attending the meeting. It will be awarded during the meeting.

Applicants must

-Be under 40 years of age when applying.

-Please indicate clearly that you wish to be considered for the fellowship when you submit the abstract. Please check the box for “Yes, I will apply for the fellowship” on the Abstract format above.

-The decision of the organizing committee will be final and no correspondence will be entertained. The fellowship recipients will be announced in July 2020.

Abstract format(WORD)

Conflict of interest

In the Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO) all presenters are required to disclose “conflicts of interest” (COI) when presenting results of clinical research at the annual meetings.

Please disclose information for potential COI within three years related to the industry, company and profit-making organization in your presentations.

Announcement of Peer-Review Result

The result of peer-review for your abstract is going to be announced by email (this schedule should be flexibly changed by the status of peer-reviewing). The final selection will be the responsibility of the Scientific Program Committee, and scheduling details and guidelines for the final preparation of accepted presentations will be announced on the conference website. The primary author is obliged to be available to present the submitted abstract depending on the outcome of the peer review.

The result of peer-review for your abstract will be announced by the end of July.