Abbreviation for affiliated institution

Abstract Submission

Word Abbreviation
and &
Biochemistry Biochem.
Biology Biol.
Biomedical Biomed.
Bioscience / Biosciences Biosci.
Cellular Cell.
Center Ctr.
Chemotherapy Chemother.
Clinical Clin.
Dental / Dentistry Dent.
Department Dept.
Division Div.
Experimental Exp.
Graduate Grad.
Gynecology Gynecol.
Hospital Hosp.
Immunology Immunol.
Institute Inst.
Laboratory Lab.
Medical / Medicine Med.
Word Abbreviation
Molecular Mol.
National Natl.
Pathological Pathol.
Pathology Path.
Pharmaceutical / Pharmacy Pharm.
Physiology Physiol.
Prefectural Pref.
Radiobiology Radiobiol.
Research Res.
School Sch.
Science / Sciences Sci.
Surgery / Surgical Surg.
Technology Tech.
Therapeutics Therap.
University Univ.
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research JFCR
Univ. of Tokyo The Univ. of Tokyo
Kyusyu Kyushu