The 10th Annual Meeting of Japanese Orthopaedic Society of Knee, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine JOSKAS2018

Call for Abstract

The JOSKAS 2018 organizing committee welcomes your abstract submission for presentation in the meeting. Submissions can be made for oral and poster presentations.

Period for Abstract Submission

  • Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - Wednesday, January 24, 2018
    Wednesday, January 31, 2018
  • Deadline for Abstract Submission has been extended.
  • Abstract Submission was closed.
    Thank you very much for Submitting.

Travel Award

The JOSKAS 2018 organizing committee encourages orthopaedic surgeons in other countries around the world to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. The travel award of 100,000 JPY will be awarded to about 5 applicants. After confirming the guidelines below, please submit your abstract online. All submitted abstracts are eligible for the travel award application.

To applicants

  1. Orthopaedic surgeons who apply from countries other than Japan are eligible.
  2. An applicant must be the first author and presenter of the submitted abstract.
  3. Travel award will be provided for the awardees after presentation of their abstract on-site.
  4. Please note that complimentary accommodation will not be offered, and all arrangements for the applicant's transportation to the venue and accommodation during the congress period will be the applicant's responsibility.
  5. Result of the review will be announced in acceptance notifications sent by e-mail in the beginning of April, 2018.
  6. There is no age limitation.

Guideline for Abstract Submission

  • The abstract text should be within 200 words (excluding the title, authors and affiliations).
  • The title text should not exceed 30 words.
  • In the title text, please use title case, except for articles, prepositions (unless at the beginning of a sentence), technical terms that should be written in lower case and words that come after a hyphen “-” .
    Ex. )Blood Lacatate Response in Middle-and long-distance High School Runners.
  • To complete submission process, all required fields must be filled in. Please fill in the fields starting at the left edge, leaving no space at the left.
  • Abstracts must contain data and meet international ethical standards. Commercial abstracts will not be accepted.
  • No chart, graphic, figure and table can be uploaded.
  • Up to 5 affiliations and 10 authors can be registered on each abstract.
  • Submitted abstracts can be re-edited and modified any of the fields until the submission deadline.
  • Presentation style is oral or poster presentation. The Congress Program Committee will determine whether the abstract will be accepted as an oral or a poster presentation.
    *Please note that you may be asked to change your presentation style for the convenience of program.
  • Submitting authors are responsible for proofreading before submission. No corrections, including adding co-authors or change of co-authors, will be allowed after the submission deadline.
  • The first author listed for each abstract must be the presenter and the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract.
  • The information you registered will be printed on the abstract book as it appears in the abstract submission system. Please be careful not to make mistakes or misspelling.


A-01. Knee:basic research
A-02. Knee:ACL
A-03. Knee:PCL
A-04. Knee:other ligamnets (combined knee ligament injury)
A-05. Knee:cartilage
A-06. Knee:meniscus
A-07. Knee:osteoarthritis
A-08. Knee:TKA
A-09. Knee:UKA
A-10. Knee:HTO or osteotomy
A-11. Knee:patellofemoral joint
A-12. Knee:overuse
A-13. Knee:tumor
A-14. Knee:osteonecrosis
A-15. Knee:others
B-01. Hip:basic research
B-02. Hip:labrum injury
B-03. Hip:FAI
B-04. Hip:osteonecrosis
B-05. Hip:cartilage
B-06. Hip:overuse
B-07. Hip:others
C-01. Foot and Ankle:basic research
C-02. Foot and Ankle:ligament injury
C-03. Foot and Ankle:osteochondaral injury
C-04. Foot and Ankle:overuse
C-05. Foot and Ankle:others
D-01. Shoulder:basic research
D-02. Shoulder:anterior instability
D-03. Shoulder:other instability
D-04. Shoulder:rotator cuff tear
D-05. Shoulder:throwing injury
D-06. Shoulder:overuse
D-07. Shoulder:reverse type arthroplasty
D-08. Shoulder:others
E-01. Elbow:basic research
E-02. Elbow:ligament injury
E-03. Elbow:osteochondral injury
E-04. Elbow:throwing injury
E-05. Elbow:osteoarthritis
E-06. Elbow:overuse
E-07. Elbow:others
F-01. Hand (including Wrist):basic research
F-02. Hand (including Wrist):carpal tunnel syndrome
F-03. Hand (including Wrist):cartilage injury
F-04. Hand (including Wrist):fracture
F-05. Hand (including Wrist):ligamnet injury
F-06. Hand (including Wrist):overuse
F-07. Hand (including Wrist):others
G-01. Spine:basic research
G-02. Spine:disc hernia
G-03. Spine:spondylosis
G-04. Spine:overuse
G-05. Spine:others
H-01. Sports:epidemiology
H-02. Sports:trauma
H-03. Sports:overuse
H-04. Sports:fatigue fracture
H-05. Sports:medical check
H-06. Sports:prevention
H-07. Sports:muscle and tendon
H-08. Sports:others

ID and Password

  • After registering abstract, login ID and password codes will be provided.
  • If any confirmation by e-mail is not provided, please contact the Secretariat:
  • Note: The Secretariat cannot provide any information of the password and ID for security reasons.
    Please retain them safely for future reference, they are requested when the submitted abstract is confirmed, re-edited and modified.

Speaker Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest(COI)

If the speaker received funding or property from a profit-oriented organization, he or she should disclose this situation to session attendees.

Acceptance Notice

Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting authors’ e-mail address in the beginning of April, 2018.

Online Abstract Submission

*Appointed lecturers will be informed individually about how to submit abstract by the secretariat.

Date: June 14 (Thu) – 16 (Sat), 2018, Venue: Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka Sunpalace

Congress Secretariat

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