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For Participants

How to access the Virtual Meeting

To access the virtual meeting platform, you will be required to enter the ID and password. A Web ID and password will be provided in the confirmation mail of the online registration or you can confirm via the online registration hub “My page”.
For more information about a Web ID and password, please visit the Registration page.
Note that participants will be required to complete the personal profile at the first-time login.
There will be three tracks of live streaming each day via Zoom webinar.
When you access to the track, you will be needed to enter email address and your name for identification.

Instructions for Viewing Streamed Session

Live Streaming: April 28-29, 2021
On-demand Streaming: April 29 to July 30, 2021

Sessions Streaming Q&A
ACF Medalist Lecture
ACF Lecture (Asia)
Plenary Lectures
Will be streamed live on the scheduled dates, and will be available on-demand from the following day. N/A
ACS-JCS Joint Session
Best Selected Paper Session
Accepting while session is on live.
Sponsored Seminars Will be streamed live on the scheduled dates, and will be available on-demand* from the following day.
(*Varies by session)
Accepting while session is on live. (Varies by session)
Poster Session On-demand Accepting during April 28-29.

The instructions for viewing streamed session will be announced in due course.


Questions and answers will be posted through the Q&A function during live streaming period (April 28-29). However, questions may not always be answered.
Please refer to the table above for details.

Poster Presentation

Participants can access to poster session site from the virtual meeting platform.

Credit - Japanese Ophthalmological Society *For Japanese participants only

Please enter your membership number of Japanese Ophthalmological Society at the login page for the virtual meeting platform.

Sponsored Seminars

Sponsored Seminars will be live streaming at the virtual meeting platform.
Morning Seminar: 7:30 am - 8:20 am
Luncheon Seminar: 12:30 pm – 1:20 pm
*Please note that some seminars have the different streaming period with others.

Virtual Exhibition

April 28 (Wed) - July 30 (Fri), 2021
Participants can access to the Virtual Exhibition Site from the virtual meeting platform.

Copyrights Policy

Screenshots and video recording of distributed data is strictly prohibited.