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About Dr. Ken Endo, speaker of Special Lecture 2
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The 66th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists


Program Outline

Time Table


The 8th Meeting of IFAO and The JSAO 57th Annual Meeting Will Be Hosted in Osaka, Japan

November 13 – 15, 2019


President of The 8th Meeting of IFAO
Yoshiki Sawa
Yoshiki Sawa, MD, PhD

President of The JSAO 57th Annual Meeting
Koichi Toda
Koichi Toda, MD, PhD

IFAO invited lecture 1: Prof. Mandeep R. Mehra, Harvard University, USA

“Long term life support with artificial heart “
Mandeep R. Mehra, MD
Cardiovascular Medicine, Heart Transplant

IFAO invited lecture 2: Prof. Bernd Stegmayr, Umea University, Sweden

“Renal-cardiac syndrome “
Bernd Stegmayr
Professor, senior at Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine

Symposium 1: Artificial organs and regenerative medicine for failing organs

Chaired by Prof. Wolfram Zimmermann, Univ. Medical Center Göttingen, Germany

Symposium 2: Future-ability of Artificial Organs in US, Europe, and Japan

Prof. Mark Slaughter, University of Louisville, USA

Prof. Bernd Stegmayr, Umea University, Sweden

Prof. Yoshiyuki Taenaka, Osaka Univ., Japan

Symposium 3: Robotics: new technologies and new techniques

Chaired by Prof. Jae Won Lee, Asan Medical Center, Korea

Symposium 4: IFAO-APSAO joint symposium

Chaired by Prof. Sivathasan Cumaraswamy, National Heart Centre, Singapore

Symposium 5: Acute circulatory support: ECMO, Impella, VAD and more

Chaired by Dr. Alexander Bernhardt, University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany

Symposium 6: Minimally invasive mitral valve procedures: MICS, MitraClip, NeoChord.

Chaired by Prof. Gino Gerosa, Padova Univ. Italy

Symposium 7: Heart transplant and new devices

Chaired by Prof. Yoshifumi Naka, Columbia Univ., USA

Dr. Paul Janz, St Vincent's Hospital, Australia

Symposium 8: Minimally invasive aortic valve procedures: MICS, Sutureless, TAVI

Chaired by Prof. Gunther Laufer, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Symposium 9: Pediatric VAD/ECMO

Chaired by Dr. Antonio Amodeo, Bambino Gesu Hospital, Italy

Dr. Iki Adachi, Texas Children's Hospital, USA

Symposium 10: ECMO and lung transplantation.

Dr. Norihisa Shigemura, Temple Univ., USA

Symposium 11: Long term outcomes of chronic hemodialysis: International comparison

Chaired by Dr. Stephen R. Ash, USA

Symposium 12: Renal - heart failure.

Chaired by Prof. Bernd Stegmayr, Umea University, Sweden

Symposium 13: Home dialysis or Hospital dialysis

Symposium 14: Hemofiltration and critical care medicine

Symposium 15: Intensive insulin therapy and artificial pancreas.

Chaired by Prof. Greet Van den Berghe, Leuven Univ. Belgium

Symposium 16: New devices and new ideas: Engineer's perspective.

Chaired by Dr. Kiyotaka Fukamachi, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Daniel Timms, BiVACOR

Symposium 17: IFAO-ISHLT joint symposium

Chaired by Prof. Nir Uriel, The University of Chicago, USA

Symposium 18: VAD coordinator symposium; Drive line, patient's education, caregiver and palliative care

Symposium 19: Perfusionist symposium; Role of perfusionist in your heart team

Chaired by Mr. Bradley T Kulat, Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, USA