The 68th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy

Instructions for Chairs and Presenters

For Chairs

  1. Please come to the room of the session over which you preside at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the session. Please inform your arrival to a room staff.
  2. Please take the chairperson's standby seat before the beginning of your session.
  3. Some sessions have MCs. If your session does not have MC, please open the session at a start time.

For Presenters

Presentation Time

Please follow the schedule and instructions sent by the conference secretariat, and during the session, please follow the session chairs' directions.

Projection and Technical Setting

  • PowerPoint is the only communication tool available in all session rooms.
  • Slide projectors are not available.
  • There is only one projector in each session room.
  • Speakers are kindly asked to observe that only computers with Windows 10 PCs with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 installed provided by the congress may be used for showing your presentations.
  • The supported data media is USB-Memory Key.
  • The following fonts are recommended: Arial, Arial Black, Century, or Century Gothic
  • All PowerPoint presentations must be handed in at the PC preview center at least 1 hour prior to your session.
  • If you are presenting from a Mac, please be sure to bring your own Mac laptop.
  • If you use Movie file on your presentation, please be sure to bring your own laptop.

For Speakers Who Bring Their Own Laptop

  • Please visit the PC preview center at least 1 hour prior to your session to verify the correct output to the equipment.
  • After you finish checking your presentation, operators will take your laptop, and you will receive your laptop at the operator’s desk in each session room.
  • Recommended Operating Systems: Windows 7 and later, Mac OS X 10.10 and later.
  • Please be sure to bring your own AC adapter.
  • The HDMI output connection is used to connect the laptop to an external monitor and data projector. If your laptop require a special video output cable that is compatible with the laptop, Please be sure to bring your conversion connector.
  • Please make sure to cancel your setting in advance such as Screen saver, virus check system and a power-saving mode setting.

At the Podium

Your presentation data will be displayed on a monitor on the podium.
Please use the equipment provided on the podium.

PC Preview Center

  • Please register your presentation at PC Preview Center at least 1 hour before the beginning of your session.
  • Presenters of the sessions on June 17th (Sat.) and June 18th (Sun.) can also register their presentations from June 16th (Fri.).
  • Presenters are required to register presentation at the PC Preview Center of the facility in which their sessions take place. (PC Rooms of each facility can only register presentations of sessions taking place in their own facility.)

PC Preview Center Opening Hours

NO. Session
Location June 16th
June 17th
June 18th
PC Preview Center
Room 1 - Room 8 Kobe Portopia Hotel South Wing 1F Lobby (in front of Ohwada banquet room) 7:30 - 17:30 7:30 - 17:30 7:30 - 15:00
PC Preview Center
Room 9 - Room 11 Kobe Portopia Hotel Main Building B1F Lobby (in front of Kairaku banquet room)
PC Preview Center
Room 12 - Room 17 Kobe International Conference Center 3F Lobby (in front of International Conference Room)
PC Preview Center
Room 18 - Room 21 Kobe International Exhibition Hall No.2 Building 1F Lobby

Operators will copy and save your presentation data to the server.
Your presentation data will be deleted immediately after the end of the meeting.

At the Podium During your Presentation for the JSDT2023

Please use a mouse and keypad provided on the podium table. Each presentation must finish in its allotted time.

  • Oral Sessions: 7 minutes presentation and 3 minutes Q&A
  • Other than Oral Sessions: As announced in advance

Congress Secretariat

c/o Congrès Inc.
Onward Park Bldg., 3-10-5 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8276, Japan

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