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Call for Abstracts
Thank you for your abstracts submission.
We are pleased to announce the results including presentation style, date and time here.
Please click the green button in the below to view the accepted abstracts.
* JCS2023 will be held on site, at Fukuoka International Congress Center and other two neighborhood facilities in Fukuoka, Japan. We expect all speakers meet in conference on site. We are not planning to have remote presentations at this moment.
* Oral Presenters are required to submit their presentation slide data in advance via the slide uploading system provided on the official website of the meeting. Method of how to register your presentation data will be informed individually.
* Speakers are required to register to present at JCS2023.
Pre-registration starts on December 9 to February 28, so we recommend you to register as Early Bird. Please visit the Registration.
* For any inquiry, please feel free to contact the congress secretariat at jcs2023prg@congre.co.jp

Accepted Abstracts

* The accepted abstract submission numbers are posted in numerical order.
* Please kindly note that we sometimes may not be able to meet your preference. The final presentation style and category have been decided by the Congress President.
* Character codes of presentation title will be printed properly in the scientific program; for example, “–” is converted to “-“(hyphen).
Regular Abstracts   Regular Abstracts
Regular Abstracts   Regular Abstracts
Regular Abstracts 20002 - 20083
Late Breaking Clinical Trials / Cohort Studies

Presentation time

* Poster is a paper-based poster presentation and chairs are assigned to poster sessions.
Poster Panel Instruction is here.
Session Presentation time Presentation Language & Slides
Regular Abstracts Oral OE
10 minutes
(7 min. for presentation & 3 min. for Q&A)
Poster PE
7 minutes
(5 min. for presentation & 2 min. for Q&A)
Case Report Session CROE
10 minutes
(7 min. for presentation & 3 min. for Q&A)
Featured Case Reports FCR
10 minutes
(7 min. for presentation & 3 min. for Q&A)
Featured Research Session FRS
15 minutes
(10 min. for presentation & 5 min. for Q&A)
Late Breaking
Clinical Trials LBCT
Presenter: 15 minutes
(12 min. for presentation & 3 min. for Q&A).
Discussant: 5 min. for presentation including Q&A
Cohort Studies LBCS
15 minutes
(12 min. for presentation & 3 min. for Q&A)
Hot line HL


Room 1 2F, Concert Hall Fukuoka Sunpalace
Room 2 2F, Palace Room A
Room 3 2F, Palace Room B
Room 4 2F, Heian
Room 5 3F, Main Hall Fukuoka International Congress Center
Room 6 2F, 201
Room 7 2F, 202
Room 8 2F, 203
Room 9 2F, 204
Room 10 4F, 409+410
Room 11 4F, 413+414
Room 12 4F, 411
Room 13 4F, 412
Room 14 5F, 501
Room 15 5F, 502
Room 16 5F, 503
Room 17 2F, Large Conference Room Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A
Room 18 2F, Meeting Room 2
Room 19 3F, Sub-arena
Room 20 1F
Room 21 2F

Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B

Room 22
Room 23
Case Report Session room 1
Case Report Session room 2
Case Report Session room 3
Poster room A 1F Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A
Poster room B 1F Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B

Poster Panel Instruction

The size of panel is 180 cm×90 cm. The presentation number will be preliminarily provided on the board. Please refer to the sample below. The presenter must prepare the title for the panel.
•  The poster will be displayed for only one day. Posting / Removal schedule is reter to here.
•  We suggest that text and diagrams be arranged appropriately so that the poster is legible from a distance. Please state clearly the presentation’s objective, methods, results, and conclusion. The objective should be positioned at the upper left and the conclusion at the lower right of the poster.

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)

Presenters are required to disclose any conflicts of interest on the second slide (after the title slide) of oral presentation or at the end of poster.
Please use the sample forms below.
COI format for Oral presentation (PPT)
COI format for Poster presentation (PPT)
Congress Secretariat
c/o Congrès Inc. 1-9-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001, Japan E-mail: jcs2023@congre.co.jp
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