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General Information for Participants
JCS2023 will be held as an on-site event in Fukuoka, Japan, March 10-12, 2023.
After the conference, on-demand streaming is scheduled from
10:00, March 20 (Mon) to April 20 (Thu) .
*On-demand streaming will be partially available for designated sessions, but not for free papers.
On-demand streaming Session list (PDF)

Countermeasures for Covid-19

Registrations will not be accepted at the venue on the day.
Each day, you will be requested to take your temperature when you arrive at the venue before admission to respective facilities.
The admission flow, etc. may be restricted depending on the situation. We would appreciate your cooperation.
You will be requested to wear a mask at the venue. Please make sure to take your mask with you when leaving the venue.
The venue will be ventilated. We would appreciate your cooperation.
Admissions will be stopped if the venue becomes crowded.
Please ensure social distancing at the reception desk, in front of the venue, in the drink stations, etc.
Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed at various locations. Please use them as needed.
Please refrain from visiting the venue if you have a temperature of 37.5°C or higher, serious fatigue, or difficulty breathing.

Registering for the Annual Scientific Meeting

*Registration fees are as follows:
Registration type Pre-registration (early bird)
(Discounted early bird fees apply)
From 10:00, Dec 9 (Fri), 2022(JST) until Feb 28 (The), 2023 (JST)
Regular registration (Regular fees apply)
From 12:00, Mar 2 (Thu), 2023(JST) until Mar 31 (Fri), 2023 (JST)
Necessary documents
Participant from overseas (excluding international students from Japan) JPY 33,000
(1 free registration per group of 10 pax)
JPY 38,000
Exchange Student in Japan JPY 5,000 JPY 5,000 Certificate*
* Online registration only. Registrations will not be accepted at the venue on the day.
* Certificates are required for exchange students in Japan. Please download the certificate form, fill the necessary fields in, and upload the form into the system or submit it at the registration help desk.
  Please have the head of your institution certify your qualification by sign-ing and affixing their seal in the “Head of Institution” section on the certificate.
  Please note that unless you present the certificate, you will not be eligible for the relevant registration fee.
* Your name card, certificate of participation and receipt can be downloaded from the “My Page” portal.
* Pocket program book will be distributed at the venue during the meeting.
Times and location for registration help desk:
Date 1F, Entrance Hall
Fukuoka International Congress Center
Hall A, Lobby
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Day 1, March 10 (Fri) 7:00-18:00 7:00-18:00
Day 2, March 11 (Sat) 6:45-18:00 6:45-18:00
Day 3,March 12 (Sun) 6:45-15:30 6:45-15:30
Participants who have completed pre-registration>
  •  Please download and print out your name card from the“ My Page” portal beforehand, and bring it with you.
  •  If you forget to bring your name card, please present your “ Registration Complete” email to the registration help desk. Your name card will be issued.
Please wear your name card>
  •  Please be sure to wear your name card when inside the venue.

Official Language

Session List shows the official session language (English or Japanese).

Online Abstracts App ( JCS Abstracts )

JCS Abstracts allows you to overview the congress program and create your own personal itinerary.
  Download start date:
Early-March 2023
  Download method:
   •  Search for “JCS2023” on the Apple App Store or Google Play. → Install the app.
   •  Open the app. → Create an account. → Log in.
(Account registration is required to use the service.)
   •  Search “jcs2023,” etc. in the app. → Download the app.
  Usage fee: Free (Downloading the app may incur communication charges.)
Supported OS:  iOS 13.0 or later (on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
Android 6.0 or later (on smartphones and tablets)
* The password to view abstract will be issued to you when you registered on the JCS2023 registration site.

Luncheon Seminars, Fireside Seminars, Morning Seminars

To prevent further spread of infection, seminar tickets will not be issued. Please go directly to the seminar venue you want to participate. Please note that as seating is limited, you may not be permitted entry if the venue is full.

Congress Bags

Congress bags will not be distributed.

Opening Ceremony

Date and time  ]   11:20-12:20, March 10 (Fri)
  [ Venue ]     Room 1: 2F, Main Hall, Fukuoka Sunpalace

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony
Date and time  ]   17:30-18:30, March 11 (Sat)
  [ Venue ]     Room 5: 3F, Main Hall, Fukuoka International Congress Center
  [ Language ]     Japanese
Awards Ceremony (International)
Date and time  ]   14:20-15:20, March 12 (Sun)
  [ Venue ]     Room 14: 5F, 501, Fukuoka International Congress Center
  [ Language ]     English


•  The 87th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society Exhibition will be held at the following venue.
Exhibition Hall  ]   1F, Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A
        1F, Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B
•  The times for the Exhibition are as follows:
Day 1  ]   March 10 (Fri), 8:00-18:00
Day 2  ]   March 11 (Sat), 8:00-18:00
Day 3  ]   March 12 (Sun), 8:00-16:20

FJCS Lounge

A lounge will be open for the exclusive use of FJCS. Drinks, snacks and a power supply station will be available. (Non-FJCS members cannot use the lounge, except for overseas invitees.)
Date and time  ]   March 10 (Fri), 8:00-19:00
        March 11 (Sat), 8:00-19:00
        March 12 (Sun), 8:00-16:20
  [ Venue ]     1F, Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B

Message Board

In principle, calls will not be made over the public address system inside venues.

Drink Stations

Free drinks will be available at the following venues.
Venue  ]   5F, Fukuoka International Congress Center
        1F, Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A
        1F, Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B

Making Photocopies, Sending Faxes

Please use the self-service station on the 1st floor, administration office (Self-service corner) of Fukuoka International Congress Center with charge.


Free Wi-Fi is available in Fukuoka International Congress Center / Fukuoka Sunpalace / Marine Messe Fukuoka.
(Password is not required)

Travel Desk(JTB)

Date and time  ]   March 10 (Fri), 9:00-18:00
        March 11 (Sat), 9:00-18:00
        March 12 (Sun), 9:00-15:00
  [ Location ]     1F, Entrance Hall, Fukuoka International Congress Center

Photography Inside the Venues

No photography is allowed inside the venues.

No Smoking

The Japanese Circulation Society has promulgated an Anti-Smoking Declaration. In accordance with this declaration, smoking is prohibited in all venues and on the premises of each venue.

First Aid Room

If you feel unwell, please contact the Secretariat Headquarters (4F, 405+406, Fukuoka International Congress Center). Depending on your condition, you will be referred to a nearby hospital.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

AEDs are installed at the following locations:
Fukuoka International Congress Center
•  1F, Disaster Prevention Centre / Entrance Hall, next to the Information Desk
•  2F, next to the escalator
•  3F, Lobby
•  4F, next to the escalator
•  5F, next to the escalator
Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A
•  1F, Disaster Prevention Centre
Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B
•  1F, Entrance Lobby / Disaster Prevention Centre

Parking Lots

There are pay parking lots nearby, but parking spaces are limited. Please use public transportation wherever possible.

Lost and Found

Lost property will be kept at the General Information desk (1F, Entrance Hall, Fukuoka International Congress Center).


Date 2F
Fukuoka Sunpalace
Fukuoka International Congress Center
Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A
Day 1, March 10 (Fri) 7:00-19:00 7:00-19:00 7:00-19:00
Day 2, March 11 (Sat) 6:45-19:00 6:45-19:00 6:45-19:45
Day 3, March 12 (Sun) 6:45-17:00 6:45-17:00 6:45-17:00

The Fukuoka City Convention one-day Pass

The Fukuoka City Convention one-day Pass (a one-day free pass for the subway and Nishitetsu bus) will be distributed for participants in order of arrival.
Distribution Date  ]   March 10 (Fri) – 12 (Sun)
Distribution place  ]   Entrance Hall 1F, Fukuoka International Congress Center
* One pass per person. Please show your name card at the reception.

Shuttle bus

Route 1
  Hotel Nikko Fukuoka ⇔ Fukuoka International Congress Center
  •  The usual travel time is about 15-20 minutes. On weekday mornings and
evenings, it may take around 30 minutes.
  •  Operating Hours
March 10 (Fri)  6:30-19:30
March 11 (Sat)  6:30-19:30
March 12(Sun)  6:30-17:00
* Morning and evening service every 7 minutes to every 15 minutes during the day.
Route 2
  Fukuoka International Congress Center → Hakataza
  Runs on March 10 (Fri) and 11 (Sat) only
  Operating Hours: 15:30-19:00 Every 30 minutes(Takes approx. 15min)
  *The service is not available for rides from Hakataza to Fukuoka International
Congress Center.
Route 3
  Fukuoka International Congress Center → Fukuoka Airport (Domestic)
  Runs on March 12 (Sun) only
  Schedules: 13:00, 14:30, 16:00(Takes approx. 30min)
Alighting point: Domestic terminal parking lot
* Depending on road conditions and traffic congestion around the airport, travel time may exceed 30 minutes. In addition, in case of congestion at the check-in counter and security checkpoint (which seems to be the case all the time now), it may take more than an hour to board your flight.
If you are in a hurry, we recommend that you take the subway from Hakata Station or allow plenty of time for your flight
Congress Secretariat
c/o Congrès Inc. 1-9-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001, Japan E-mail: jcs2023@congre.co.jp
©The 87th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society