About JSMO2021 Virtual Congress

We have released “JSMO2021 Virtual Congress” so that the participants can check information concerning the program.


Live Streaming Period (JST)

February 18 (Thu) - 21 (Sun), 2021

On-demand Streaming Period (JST)

March 1 (Mon) - March 31 (Wed), 2021

How to join JSMO2021 Virtual Congress

Step 1

You will need to register and pay the registration fee to participate in JSMO2021 virtual Congress. Please proceed to the JSMO2021 registration site.

Step 2

WEB ID must be entered to view videos. In addition, a password must be entered to view abstracts.
Information concerning the WEB ID and the password to view abstract will be issued to you when you registered on the JSMO2021 registration site.

*WEB ID : ID with 10 characters beginning with “bb”

Recommended Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge
  • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox (Windows or macOS)
  • The latest version of Google Chrome (Windows or macOS)
  • The latest version of Safari (macOS)

*Please note that JSMO2021 Virtual Congress no longer supports Internet Explorer.

JSMO2021 Virtual Congress for Smartphone

Step 1.
Download “MICEnavi” App from App Store / Google Play

Go to the App Store / Google Play store on your mobile device. Type “MICEnavi” into the search bar and the blue and white “MICEnavi” icon will appear. Please download and install the MICEnavi App onto your device.

Step 2.
Create Your Account

Once you've downloaded the MICEnavi app, tap “Create your MICEnavi account” and a screen will appear where you can enter your personal information. Fill out the fields and you can start using MICEnavi.

Step 3.
Find the “JSMO2021” in MICEnavi

Search for our congress app by typing “JSMO2021” into the search bar. You will see an event come up with our JSMO2021 logo. Tap on JSMO2021 and download.

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