The 27th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society



Welcome to the 27th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society

Toshiaki Saeki, MD, PhD
President of the 27th Annual Meeting of
the Japanese Breast Cancer Society
Director of
Saitama Medical University International Medical Center

The 27th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society will be held on July 11–13, 2019 in the Keio Plaza Hotel and the Shinjuku NS Building in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Our theme is "Mental and Physical Care for Breast Cancer Patients." To make a goal of our meeting clear, we also have added the subtitle "Breast cancer genomic medicine and supportive care”. 
With the aim of considering process to organize genomic medicine in breast cancer care within the core hospital framework, due to the new government policy.  In near future, breast cancer genomic medicine should be provided by frontline hospitals, and we need a multidisciplinary approach to care our patients with breast oncologists and genetic counselors.  Therefore, in the special sessions, we will focus on the genomic medicine and supportive care for looking at treatment choices based on genomic data.  We will invite experts from the world to speak on these themes for sharing global strategy of genomic medicine.
In addition, the President's Special Program will include technical educational seminars on liquid biopsy.
Furthermore, for improvement on the practice of breast cancer management, we are planning a hands-on seminar of supportive care and are training medical staffs how to deal with the sequelae and side effects associated with cancer treatment. Participants will be able to learn about actual techniques and instruction of management for adverse events in the patients receiving precision medicine.

The program will also include symposia to bring the latest information on diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.  In the panel discussions, we will debate on the topics of new strategy of endocrine treatment using molecular targeted agents.

To stimulate and educate young researchers, we have the meet professor sessions,
 In this session, we will invite specialists who are breast surgeons, medical oncologists and social support provider, and we also invite patients advocacy groups to share the information of the present and future strategy of breast cancer care including survivorships.  Other topics of the annual meeting are the International Session, which will include a panel discussion in English for networking between young researchers from different countries, mainly in Asia.
 Despite the July heat, I hope you will come and see Tokyo in the process of its pre-Olympic transformation.
On behalf of organized committee, I thank Dr. Akihiko Osaki, Annual Meeting Secretariat and Dr. Hidetaka Kawabata, Chair of the Program Committee, for their excellent efforts to prepare a conference. 
We hope we will invite breast care specialists from the worlds.

July 2018

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