The 27th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society


Presidential Address

Toshiaki Saeki
(Department of Breast Oncology, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center)


  1.  Cancer Genomics and Breast Cancer Treatment
  2.  Advances in Genomic and Epigenomic Analysis
  3.  Role of Multigene Analysis in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
  4.  Rapidly Evolving Genome Medicine
    ― Do you care for patients diagnosed with hereditary cancer that has been secondarily detected?
  5.  Breast Specialists and Genome Medicine “Prospects of Cancer Genome Medicine for Breast Cancer” (partial designation/public offering session planned)
  6.  HER2 negative breast cancer(early, metastatic)
  7.  HER2 positive breast cancer(early, metastatic)
  8.  Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction – Evolution of and Appropriate Indication for Surgical Procedures (designation/partial public offering session planned)
  9.  Paradigm Shift in the Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer
  10.  Curing Metastatic Breast Cancer – Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
  11.  Management of Adverse Event of Drug Therapy
  12.  Mechanism of changing sensitivity for endcrine therapy
  13.  Sequelae Associated with Treatment (public offering session planned)
  14.  Breast Cancer in Elderly Patients (public offering session planned)
  15.  Advanced Care Planning
  16.  Toward an Accurate Pathological Diagnosis of Mammary Gland Tumors
  17.  Current Status of and Problems with Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer
  18.  Measures for Dense Breasts and Potential New Screening Approaches
  19.  Supportive care for breast cancer patients with a team of multi-disciplinary medical staffs
  20.  Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer in Cooperation with Other Departments (partial designation/public offering session planned)
  21.  Augmented Intelligence (Extended Intelligence) (partial designation/public offering session planned)
  22.  Care for Breast cancer survivors in USA, EU and Asia

International Symposium

Prospects for Immune Check Point Inhibitors in Breast Cancer

Panel Discussion

  1.  Terminal Care of Advanced/Recurrent Breast Cancer (public offering session planned)
  2.  Collaboration in fertility and hormone replacement therapy between Breast Cancer Oncologists and Reproductive Medicine Providers 
  3.  Oncological Emergencies in Metastatic Breast Cancer (public offering session planned)
  4.  Current Status of the Diagnosis and Treatment for Primary Breast Cancer in Asia
  5.  Approach of multi-disciplinary care for precision medicine-What is the role of nurses?-
  6.  Management of adverse effect in anti-cancer agents for out-patients
    - Learn about of acitivity of multi-disciplinary treatments-


  1.  Implication of HBOC Counseling to the treatments for breast cancer
  2.  Current Status of treatment for Axilla lymph-nodes (partial designation/public offering session planned)
  3.  Determinants of Cancer Grade – Roles of the Tumor Microenvironment and Intravascular Tumor Emboli
  4.  Development of new anti-breast cancer agents in Japan

Video Symposium

  1.  Mammoplasty Video Symposium – How Breast Removal and Reconstruction Are Performed at Our Department (partial designation/public offering session planned)
  2.  How I Perform Breast Cancer Surgery (public offering session planned)

Patient Program

  1.  Significance of and Issues Concerning a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  2.  Current Status of and Issues Concerning Job Assistance for Patients with Breast Cancer

Workshop for Resident Doctors

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